Google acquires Snapseed, ready to face Facebook+Instagram?

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Did you miss the famous Facebook feature called Instagram, in Google+? Well , Google has good news for its loyal users of Google plus, which was recently called “a virtual ghost town”. The search engine giant, who is pushing forward Google+ as an alternative of way more popular Facebook, has acquired Nik Software, the company who owns Snapseed, a photo sharing program cum site for an undisclosed amount. The confirmation came yesterday from Google in its Google+ account.


This acquisition will make G+ more vibrant

Snapseed has created many award winning technologies and they sport the slogan, “snap it, tweak it, share it, love it“. Basically, you can take photos using your mobile phones, and upload and share it with your Google plus friends.  This program is available to be used on PC and iOS and an android version is coming out very soon.

Although the amount involved was undisclosed, this was the second high value deal and indicates the importance the top companies are putting on mobile photo sharing. Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion USD in cash and stocks.

How many user will switch to Google+ after this acquisition? Search Eccentric will be keeping an eye on it.

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