Google Reaches Out to Users During Hurricane Sandy

In Google Update

In a humanistic move, Google rapidly launched a crisis map for the coming hurricane Sandy. This map will be of great help for people who are living in the to-be-affected areas.

Google crisis map

screenshot of Google Crisis Map. Image from :

The category 1 hurricane is expected to create havoc. (To read more about hurricane categorise, try the wikipedia) This map from Google, will firstly let users track the whereablouts of the hurricane by providing informations like shelter location, forecast track, and present location of the storm. Secondly, it will also help users to leave for a safe place using a safe route by providing evacuation zones informations, addresses of evacuation centres and Red Cross emergency shelters in the vicinity of New York city.

The storm is supposed to hit the city late Monday or early Tuesday.  Google earlier cancelled their much anticipated Nexus 10 launch indefinitely due to this storm.

Coming out to help are also the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as they have made all the content of their respective news portals freely accessible to all.

We, at Search Eccentric, wish the best to all the people living in the danger area. Stay safe, keep safe.

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