Google Tag Manager-New Gift From Google To Handle Your Tags Better

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Google, who owns majority share of online marketing sphere, has launched a new weapon, empowering common users to do what , till now, only power users or experts could do. The new tool, namely Google Tag Manager, is to help you to manage tags for your website more efficiently by consolidating all the tags into one single snippet of code.

Google Tag Manager Account

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Tags, which measure traffic and visitor behavior, can be a pain in the neck if not properly used. Excessive, redundant or incorrect codes can make your site heavy and lead to erroneous traffic management.  Moreover, adding tags can take several weeks, even for the experts. Google Tag Manager will remove all these problems and the icing on the cake is that the program is mostly point-and-click so, you don’t have to get entangled in spider’s net of codes.

It is almost next to impossible to list all the features Google has announced with this wonderful tool. Let me tell you of the premium ones. (Don’t get any idea from the word PREMIUM, this tool is free and Google is planning to keep it free). And, also forget not, Google promised to introduce more features in near future. You can click here for the complete feature list.

Like we already pointed out this tool is user friendly. You don’t need in-depth knowledge to handle your tags. The second attractive point is, it is rule driven, the rules you  define in your custom macros and rules. That means, you can specify when and which tag to go active. And if your online campaigning is handled by any internet marketing company such as ours, you can easily coordinate with them as Google Tag Manager allows multiple account login and you can define the access limit of each user with user control. Don’t forget to use the Debug Console and the Preview Mode for a final check on how your tags are placed before you launch them.

What are you waiting for then? Sign up now if you don’t have an account and fill up a simple form. Watch this video  for a visual guide and implement your own internet marketing services by yourself.

Google Tag Manager- Official Tutorial

We, at Search Eccentric, can understand how much relief it will bring to the online marketing team, making them almost independent of the webmasters and the coders. There was a need for this kind of tool for a long time. Google correctly diagnosed the pulse and launched the perfect tool.

This understanding always kept Google ahead of its competitors and also enabled it to enjoy the dominance it has today.

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