Christmas Gift from Google! Page Rank has been updated after 10 months

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The SEO industry always lights up to see any update from Google. Today, December 6th, Google has updated the Toolbar PageRank values after 10 months. No one expected a Toolbar PageRank update this year as Matthew “Matt” Cutts (currently head of the Webspam team at Google) suggested earlier that the update would not happen again within 2013.

As last update was over 10 months ago, it was predicted, wrongly, that Toolbar PageRank was dead but after Google has actually updated this All the SEO community, discussion forums and social media outlets are lighting up with this news.

Since Matt cutts announced earlier that there were no plans for another PageRank update this year due to technical issues, it is really very surprising to many specially webmasters, who were waiting to see if PageRank would ever update again eagerly. Its just like Christmas has come early for webmasters as they were waiting to see if it would ever update again.

There is also a lot of speculation that this data is not that fresh, and that the data seems to be several months old. Since Google gets daily updates to their internal PageRank tool, it seems a bit mysterious that Google would push out stale data — unless there is a reason for it. There were no any plans to fix it earlier, at least not for the remainder of the year.

It will definitely have an impact on those who have purchased links from high PR sites if those sites have seen a drop in PR with updated PageRank during a busy shopping season.

As Google sees their PageRank update internally on daily basis then it is also very important too see if it impacts the algorithm, not the PageRank which is publicly seen by users through the Google toolbar or another tool.

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