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There was a time when # was merely a sign or more commonly known as hash. Who knew with the advent of social media websites likes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on; this sign would become so important that one cannot afford to ignore it. Hashtags might seem lame to those who are unknown to the world of Internet marketing, but ask online businesses and they can tell you tales on how vital in this sign for them.

You can literally lure the target audience and your dream of creating high brand awareness can surely be drawn to reality through none other than hashtags themselves. Before we move forward let’s first know what exactly are hashtags.

What does hashtags stand for?

Yes they are a pound sign, but hold on there are not considered as some mundane signs in the booming world of Internet. They are better called as labels for your content which is published on various social media channels. They help in easily making the information available to users who are probably searching on the same topic or happen to have the same interest. You can click on any and every hashtag and feel welcomed to gulp down all the information offered to you by the clickable hashtags.

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Don’t overstuff your post with plenty of hashtags- practice this rule as a religion. Keyword stuffing will only make your post look like some cluster and expect the worst to happen since web-users simply run away at the very sight of a cluttered post. Include the relevant keyword or phrases, wherever necessary. Make your post look clean and smartly aligned. Using hashtags might sound pretty easy to many, but honestly it is not that cakewalk kind of a thing. So you need to use them properly for the good of your own business. This bring us down to the question how should we use them effectively?

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You must have seen different people using hashtags differently. On one hand some people like keeping them at the beginning of their post on the other hand some use them in the middle of their post. Avoiding the confusion on where and where not to weave the hashtags in your post the truth is- it really makes no difference where you place them till the time they are ‘relevant’ and make sense. So you can make the most from the benefits of having hashtags only when you are successful in creating flawless, unique and last relevant ones.

Important tips while choosing a hashtag-

Create unique hashtags, this will bring you recognition and you can easily stand out from the rest. Avoid using common keywords or phrases, which you yourself might have seen at many places. With an aim of creating unique hashtags make sure you do not end up picking difficult keywords or phrases. Hence go for something that is different yet easy to catch by the users.

The internet is actually flooded with thousands of hashtags, which clearly indicates that the competition is indeed intense. What’s the point of having hashtags if the ones you have created them for are finding it hard to recall them? So ensure that your hashtags are clear, precise and most importantly easy to remember.

Don’t limit the use of hashtags to just Twitter, no doubt this is the social media site where they originated from but you have multiple social media platforms now, so sprinkle out some of your hashtags there as well. Apart from Twitter you can make use of hashtags on other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google + and so on. The more often web users see your hashtag the more easy it will become for them to remember it.

So it’s time to roll in maximum profits and witness the magical skills of hashtags for increasing your consumer base.

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