How crucial is Client Satisfaction for an SEO agency

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What is “Client Satisfaction” all about? Is it necessary to understand rocket science to satisfy your client? it’s just an art of realizing what your potential customers want and delivering even more than they had expected. But most business owners make an honest mistake by taking clients silent as a sign of their satisfactions.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day circumstances seems to be different. If we will take an example of a corporate client, the clients have a huge expectation from his service provider and when things are not going as well as they expected, then there is a probability that they move their business elsewhere from you. This rule also don’t change much when it comes to SEO. Here we will discuss few insights which will help you to increase your client’s satisfaction.



Try to Access Your Client’s SEO Knowledge:

Before taking any SEO project, determine your client’s knowledge on the topic of online marketing and SEO. Don’t hesitate to ask your client about their current practices. By doing so you will get to know a couple of things like:


  1. how much knowledge your client has on the topic of online marketing and SEO and
  2. whether they are undertaking some ethical SEO practices or not.

Finding out the information at the start whether there is presence of harmful activities is critical in delivering good service. Not every Digital Marketing Professional or SEO specialist is keeping themselves updated on the latest Google’s algorithm updates. There is a chance that may be your client was using some outdated technique which have gotten them trouble.


Discuss About the Process in Details:


Try to be open as much as possible with your clients. If they messed up in the past, let them know. Simply express that there is no easy fix for their problem. Never ever over-promise because it is going to backfire. Always do remember that negative feedback is 3 times much powerful than positive feedback over the internet, so try to set their expectations at a reasonable level.


Continuously, advise your customer that there is no simple fixes and it will take reasonable time and vitality to solve their issue.


Don’t Hesitate to Discuss about the Techniques With Your Customers:

It is likewise imperative that you have to talk about with your customer about the strategy you will use to deliver results for their site. The client ought to have the capacity to comprehend that which you are going to do with their site and why. Simply take a sample of connections, don’t just let them know that you are going to construct joins for their sites as opposed to clarify why joins matters, and what sort of connections you will procure for them thus on so forward. So make it your second nature to clarify every other procedure you are going to use in the same way.


Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FaQ) Page Over the Website:

Create a frequently asked questions page on your website, this page is intended to give to each one of those inquiries numerous customer have a tendency to inquire. This page will do what its name suggests: this segment will reply to regularly make inquiries.

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