How is White Hat SEO better than Black Hat SEO?

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Search engine optimization has been divided into two categories: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. SEO is considered the backbone of optimization to get good rankings for a website. However, to attain results which are long lasting White Hat SEO should be followed.

White Hat SEO is the correct way to increase the rankings of a website as Black Hat SEO only increases the rankings of a site for a very short span of time. It is advisable not to use Black Hat SEO as search engines spam sites that use it. Once a site is spammed, it is then difficult to get a higher position on the search engine.

White Hat SEO is an on-going process. A plan needs to be drawn to follow White Hat SEO. The website pages have to be optimized according to the search engines. The content of a website should be original and should have appropriate keywords along with the description. A site should have internal linking, which means each page of the site should be connected to the other. The internal links should not have logos or pictures as the search engine does not recognize such pages. The internal links should be written in text form. It is very important to use such text links at the bottom of the homepage. A site should also have a sitemap page with its entire links in text form.

The content on a site should not only be related to the products, but also should be unique, to the point and rich in keyword phrases. Relevant keywords should be used to optimize the page. At the same time the title tag, Meta tags, links and description should be created according to the keywords. In White Hat SEO, articles should be written according to the products which should encompass appropriate keywords. A blog should be present on the site along with other blogging sites.

In case of Black Hat SEO, a website is filled with hidden text and keywords are stuffed in the content. The written content does not follow any rules of the search engine. The content does not have any meaning and is simply stuffed with keywords. The spiders of a search engine can easily find such sites as they have been stuffed with keywords though the content does not have any relevant meaning. Though Black Hat SEO may give a page a good ranking for a few days as it is easily caught by crawlers, it is advisable not to use Black Hat SEO.

Therefore, White Hat SEO should be used with appropriate planning and the correct method can make any site reach the highest rankings on a search engine.

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