How to leverage Paid Social Distribution to ensure best returns out of your Content Marketing Campaign

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Content Marketing is on the rise as a part of the latest digital marketing trend. Although everyone is more or less aware as to how these work, but seldom do people realize the actual potential of content marketing and how they can make the most of it.


More often than not, I have found myself answering various client’s queries pertaining to what and how will the their content marketing campaign generate their desired result. These questions are still easy to tackle. However, there are other questions that are a little more tricky to handle. Such as “why am I not getting the results I intended for through my current campaign, even after x number of months?”. These type of questions, although viable, have little to do with a direct answer from our end. It has more to do with understanding how content marketing works and how it can be utilized optimally.

I have tried to shed a brief light on the same topic of contention in this post.

Generating Results through Content Marketing

The first limitation that every brand or business encounters is the budget. Depending on the scale of business, the budget for the marketing campaigns vary. Therefore, the brands go into their campaigns expecting a generous profit and results.

But, it is also important to understand that since every company has a limited budget, no company can virtually have all its needs met since it is not possible to have everything in abundance where there are financial restrictions. Therefore, the best thing to do in the pre-planning stages of a campaign is to realize the potential for the targeted campaign and prioritize few selected goals that are not only feasible but also realistic enough to target and achieve.

As I had mentioned in an earlier article that i had written, regarding content development recipe, there is no one perfect recipe for content. So, while developing the content for your marketing campaign, it is always a safe bet to follow, “The Rule of Thirds”, as the experts like to call it.

As per this, the content piece should ideally have 1/3rd section original, 1/3rd section licensed or sponsored and the final 1/3rd section community/user generated information, already available in the blogs and other material sites.

In this way we are not only creating a harmonious content that has the potential to attract and engage traffic (users) but also is cost effective. This kind of balance, in my experience, has the potential to generate the best kind of results; especially when used as a part of a larger campaign.


Paid Social Distribution

These days, everyone has taken to the internet and social platforms. Amongst millions of anonymous users engaged for content, there are few bloggers and authors, whose words and works have earned a trust factor. These people are known as “influencers”. These influencers often engage in organic exchange of content and other benefits such as getting contents published on good authority sites. But, the drawback to having this organic outreach is that not all influencers are easy to track and target, let alone engage and getting the desired results. It becomes a time taking process.

However, since marketing campaigns are usually time governed and budget oriented, more often than not, organic outreach becomes unfeasible. Therefore, as alternative methods of content exchange and engagement, Paid Social Distribution comes into the picture.


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