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Google Penguin and Google Panda, along with Google EMD, have made a good amount of impact on SEO as a whole. Some got effected themselves and some know others who got effected but the news is out there and there are no surprises.


What would work and what would not is not known yet and there is a lot of speculative remedies available online to handle everything that is going on all around the cyber-world. The classic method of link building is gone and would not work any more. For example, submissions, classified, social bookmarking etc. which have been working in the past would not work any more. Ever since Penguin, there have been endless changes, which are making some of the companies to opt out of the methods they have been following.

SEO Process

SEO process needs a complete revamp. image courtesy:

What has emerged now as the need of the hour is how can we allow others to make links for us because of how they feel or are associated with your work, instead of creating links ourselves.


The new link building techniques would or should be:


  1. Crossing the links from one site to another naturally. For example letting your favourite article directory to point to your company blog but IN A NATURAL WAY! Don’t force it, Google has become real sharp lately.
  2. Social sharing links. So that it gets magnified. Let your Facebook or G+ followers popularise it. There is no popularity better than word of mouth popularity.
  3. Excellent content which can get popular and can produce references to your site, something which is unique.
  4. Getting your listing done on some of the main directories of the sites. Some of these lists could be on trip advisor or Yelp etc.
  5. Publish some guest post on some special chosen blogs where there is authenticity and quality and the blog post owner is very strict about his blog postings.
  6. Authentic participation of members on social network and get noticed. Pay more attention on G+ than before as Google is taking this platform very seriously.
  7. Check all the ranks of specific social shared content.
  8. Build social network of people who follow you.
  9. Start talking. No point being silent. Share what you think and post it on authentic places.


This may be an end of what had worked previously and a new beginning where everything becomes competitive and you have to show capability you have in generating unique, useful, social and acceptable content. You can’t do this silently any more and this would need a lot of loud voice and social sense for the entire link building strategy to work.


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