Samsung Galaxy Note 2 outsales Google and Apple

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the king of the phablets (phone + tablet, I thought you knew!) has reached 5 million sales in just TWO MONTHS!!  We thought of blogging this as is a phenomenal record, matched or neared only by the mighty iPhone which managed to sell 1.7 million of iPhone 4 in almost as many days.  Again Samsung proved that they are really leading the race. Sony, with all its hype with the James Bond phone, couldn’t even dream of such a success. Nokia, which staunchly resists Android and also is looking into Windows 8 as the future couldn’t make a ripple with Lumia Windows Phone series. There are also now-forgotten companies like LG and HTC.  The only real threat can be Google Nexus 4 which is not available even in the US as Google is sold out! Samsung doesn’t even have that problem. They must be glad to have own hardware production for which Google relied on LG and Apple had Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The King Has Arrived!

The hardware, which really deserve a special mention here, are like this, 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage  which is expandable to 128GB. With a 5.6” screen (which is almost double of my Samsung Galaxy 3 inch screen!!) it is the phablet with the biggest display.

On a side note, if after paying for all the expenses, Samsung is making a tax free income of $100 per device, the profit the company has made in 2 months is 500 million or half a billion!! With no sign of a slowdown of sales, only God knows how much Samsung will earn before the selling ends worldwide. Please take into account that this device is yet to hit India, a big marketplace of Samsung, properly so there will be another surge in sales coming soon. If a device brings home 3 billion USD after everything then it can be called a huge success, can’t it?

I hope the price will come down by the time this device hits India, so all Droid lovers can enjoy the luxury, statement and the convenience it brings with itself.

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