Embracing change in SEO techniques for 2014

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If there were any questions that SEO experts had raised in the past, 2013 seemed to have offered the perfect response! I would say that 2013 had created the platform from where SEO techniques had to change owing to the change in the underlying algorithm that Google and some of the other search engines were operating on. Mostly all search engines changed drastically and were aimed to offer the user a better and more reliable search pattern or result.

2013- The Game Changer

The drastic changes that evolved in 2013 had compelled SEO experts to rethink their strategy and to relook at content strategies. They started to understand the value of content and gradually shifted towards a new paradigm so that they could make an impact on search engines. Also, keeping mobile search engines in mind it was imperative to keep content engaging and meaningful for their targeted audience.

If you look at it, undoubtedly Google has and is leading the way on certain aspects like for instance how to place information on your website so as to make an impact on SERP. Your content in addition to being more meaningful should also be better organized and needs to adapt to the spoken language. In addition to Google, even Bing has been coming up with innovative ideas and strategies of how to ensure accurate results popped up thus offering more accurate and effective results for visitors and webmasters. They are looking into better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques for the Windows 8.1 platform.

Here are a few key innovation techniques around how to enhance search capabilities for 2014 and how to stay ahead of the competition out there:

Promoting better quality content

After the launch of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird affect the techniques of SEO has taken a drastic change. If you are aware of these techniques then you can use them to their true potential and enhance your presence on search engines.


First and foremost start fighting spam for your own good. Google had launched Panda with the objective to counter spam and poor content. In an announcement, Google did mention that it would no longer announce any updates for Panda. This has made things challenging for SEO experts and it was difficult to tell whether or not your website was affected by Panda. Experts are of the opinion to not trouble yourself with low quality content even if you plan to run it for a shorter period of time.

Quality links

While Panda had been launched with the motive to improve content quality, Penguin was brought in the scene to penalize websites having poor linking techniques. Google states that just like content you need valuable links that add value to the user and should not to be there just for the sake of inflating rankings on search engines.

Google’s definition of spam has been aimed at improving search experience for users who seek accurate information around specific topics. It is perfectly targeted at enhancing the quality of content so that it is more meaningful and more and more spam gets filtered.

The concept behind Hummingbird and its consequences

2014 is sure to see more number of users using their smartphones to search for information and browse through websites. With the arrival of more tablets and large screen handsets, you can be rest assured that Google will make considerable changes and/or upgrades in their search algorithm.

While quite a significant number of SEO experts do not perceive the fact that Hummingbird would make a deep impact but Google is sure to come up with innovative ways of addressing search queries to match website content. In other words, as a site owner you need to ensure that you create high quality content that would meet the requirements of a user. Further, optimizing this content would sure be an integral part of any marketing strategy. And to ensure that your site is never penalized it is always best to try out any of the following techniques:

Try to think about topics rather than keywords. This would arouse what is called an ‘interest factor’ and would compel your targeted audience to come and visit you

Always seek high quality web partners for site linking purposes. Also, ensure that the site is logically linked and is in context to the matter on the web page

Try to get rid of any bad links ASAP. Use any reliable online tool to detect any bad links on your website

Use only qualified content developers for your website along with an SEO expert

Start implementing rich snippets and carousels. Try to structure the data so that Google can detect your information more easily

Be active on Google+, Twitter and Facebook and other leading social media platforms

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