Time for You to Go One Level UP- SEO Understanding and Ranking Factors

In SEO Techniques

Guys! It’s time to go one level UP– for you on SEO. See the recommendations below >>>

1) Keywords

  • Google Keywords Suggestions Tool is effective
  • Global keywords should be less competitive with high search volume
  • Keywords should be attentive to purpose of the website, informational and transactional keywords
  • Keywords should be based on colloquial speech
  • No need to optimize the sites as per targeted geo locations it will be automatically be caught by Google


2) Website architecture and on page works as per new Google trends

The website architecture should be search engine and user friendly

  • Put important pages on the home page.
  • Don’t make users think – do the job for them
  • Branding strengthening, see the terms below
    • Logos – logo holds power than the company name
    • Mission statement – It defines your goals
    • Consistency – Encourages trust among customers
    • Awards – Proof of your credibility
    • Testimonials – Create Company’s reputation
    • Customer counts – Build the strength of the business
    • Press mentions – Bring you global recognition
    • Positivity – Good words
  • Testing all Truths – for all the landing page Secondary Conversions
    • Comments
    • Feedback
    • Download views
    • Engagement try demo
    • Become a member
    • Newsletter
    • Loyalty programs
  • We should minimize the Number of Menu, maximum by 7
  • Canonical issue must be removed
  • Need to put tag clouds on the site
  • Web Pages should be updated with fresh and unique content
  • Don’t use keywords in internal linking, it is considered as spam, make it natural
  • Fix all broken link through XENU Link Checker
  • Follow H1, H2, H3 ….. H6 in the ascending format that makes sense
  • Images must be small sized and have put “alt” attribute in a descriptive way, do not call Image from CSS at least (must be static)
  • Contextual linking is needed for recommendation to search engines for our internal pages, but link the correct page which should be the theme of particular topic
  • Remove low quality pages as it causes harm for rankings
  • Utilize JavaScript for speed and user experience
  • Pages that are added to the site should be cached on Google organic search pages
  • Good headlines
  • Test as much pages as you can with different landing pages (for PPC)
  • Contact form must have a thank you page
  • Auto expire pages should be on the site, if we provide limited period offer for a product based site
  • Use footer tags for important pages without keyword if that is your absolute service page as make it natural
  • xml sitemap for crawler and html sitemap for user accessibilities
  • Make a contact form which is easy to fill and should not have un-necessary fields like – how you find us etc
    • Don’t call submit button – change it to like
      • Start your order
      • Join now
      • Captcha irritate users, they stop conversions (you have to use hidden code which will stop unauthorized emails)


3) Social Media appliance

Social media activities with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Increases followers at Twitter, they should tweet you on your updates
  • Increases our likes on Facebook we can organize few online events for instance, some quiz contests, debates for technical discussions, some group discussion, expert advice sections etc
  • LinkedIn as business purposes, need to create your authorization by participating different discussions on LinkedIn, also create a group and discuss on ongoing trends
  • Increases the group chains


4) Off page working methodology

Think with user perspective, develop the content in this aspect and market them as you can


5) Monitoring

We have to analyze Google analytics regularly. Google analytics track sales and conversions with real time facility. It also provides mobile website tracking facility, mobile apps and web-enabled mobile devices, including both high end and non-JavaScript enabled phones and flash, video and social network application tracking.


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