What is an Ideal SEO Campaign Timeline?

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 You are probably wondering about the time you need to hold up to get results from your SEO campaign. This vital question must be going behind the back of the minds of every business owner who wants better ranking in Google as well as other search engine. But this is a tough question to answer.


There is no shortcut available to get success immediately in SEO. It never ever works in that way. However, if you have hired an agency who is promising you that, then you need to reconsider.
That means not that it is next to impossible to rank your keywords in the first month itself. It is possible if you will put all the things in the right place, but nobody can guarantee that. If any SEO specialist is promising you to deliver such quick results, then there is a huge probability that they must be following unethical SEO practices.


Have a little patience:

Google dislikes such unethical practices that is why it proactively keeps eye on all those websites who try to manipulate the search results. At the end of the day if your website is caught engaged in such practices, then Google may punish your website with low rankings or completely banning it from search results. If you want to do business for a long time over the internet then am sure you don’t wish to be penalized by Google or any other search engine.


Be consistent and persistent:

Let’s again come to our primary concern on the SEO campaign timeline. Running an SEO campaign is an investment not expenditure, you will get your desired results in months. It may take four to six months to see the real success from your campaign, really it depends on so many factors. If you are trying to do SEO for the first time, then surely it will take a little bit more time, and your success also depends on the strength of your competition online.

There are three major factors which can impact your positioning and those include quality substance, great Back Linking and consistency.


Keep an eye on Latest Search Algorithm:

search_engine_optimisation timeline

A professional SEO specialist will do a website research which includes keyword analysis, competitor analysis and SEO audit for your business. In the end he or she will come up with a long term plan which will meet your business objectives. It is not at all smart to stop the campaign once you achieved the desired results. Google as well as other search engine wants to see consistency on your website to rank you better in their search results.


Learn from your Competitor:

Search engine are always in hurry for finding a way to improve their search results so that they can give best possible results to their searcher. Google changes its algorithm on a regular basis to do improve the experience of the searcher. Sometimes it completely changes its algorithm to avoid wrong practices of website owners. So it is next to impossible to say that everything that is a ranking factor today will be still matter after six months.

So to get better ranking in Google you have to follow latest algorithm.

Now a day, every online business owners are doing some sort of an SEO campaign. May be you are working hard and trying to rank higher in Google by doing the entire thing in an ethical way within your budget; however, imagine a scenario where your online rivals have a bigger spending plan. So it is the most important thing to look, after-all the time with adjustments made accordingly in order to compete with your competitor . You may also have to increase your budget, if your bank account is not permitting you then you have to find another way to battle with them via targeting different keywords


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