Why Should You Be Interested In Niche SNSes?

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When there are Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and other social networks which are a huge hit, should we even be looking at those niche sites who specialises in narrow purpose gatherings? Considering that some of those big sites have even a billion users and your marketing efforts can reach a billion users then why use a site like Houzz which has only a million users?


houzz, a niche SNS for interior designers only.

There are reasons to go for it however. Let me point out two points.

  1. The mainstream people are not interested in the niche SNS so whoever you find in that network are highly interested in those. This means you get a highly targeted and classified audience. Even a kid understands what miracle the marketing team can do if they are given a highly targeted and interested audience. It is better to target 1 million dedicated and interested users than to target 1 billion of mainstream people and then narrow down. Why waste the energy and time and resource if the narrowing down has already been done by someone qualified?
  2. The engagement gets increased really. Without target engagement the marketing campaign is literally worthless. As we get focussed audience there, we can expect a very high engagement ratio. Now that being said, it is up to the marketer only to create compulsive campaigns and luring copies.  Be sure of one thing, the niche gets shared a lot than the mainstream SNS campaigns.

Looking at those two lines, I would advice that the marketing campaigners must point out relevant niche Social Networking Site development and use those to the fullest possible extent to add stars to their campaigns.

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