Win Back your traffic and search rankings through Link cleanup

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The Importance of Links

More like the name connotes, in simplistic definition, “Links” are directives on and from your web page or website. They are the URLs that either directs website visitors to your site or those that takes them away from your site to other places in the online environment. Links are classified in the category of website improvement, since it can undoubtedly help a website to win loads of real traffic from another source.

Fighting to improve website rankings via link building is a professional marketing idea, however, doing Link Building the right way is an attribute few skillful marketers have. Many websites and businesses are failing by time, while some are on the verge of collapse due to malpractices in link building techniques.

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As a business person or an individual blogger or website designer, the very first thing to do is to understand the need for proper clean directional links on your site. And secondly, the role it plays in the growth of your website. With this, you should be alerted on the disadvantages of hiring the wrong hands to manage your links, or rather buying irrelevant harmful links into your site.


Good/Quality Links

Quality links are links that cause no harm to your websites, and as such, are practically clean and genuine links coming from notable sources. Quality links are the best links to ever crave for, it boosts search engine recognition for a web page, and further helps in rank improvement.

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Bad Links

Bad links possess several bad names, it does not yield or add benefit the health of your business site or blog. But rather puts the site under the fear of being penalized by algorithms and search crawlers. As a matter of fact, bad links are links that come from untrusted sites, penalized sites and sources with poor reputation.


Winning back your Traffic via Quality Link Cleanup

If you websites have been experiencing a sudden dwindle in performance recently, then you should endeavor to carry out an audit to evaluate it. There are possibilities that your websites linking have been endangered or compromised and only a thorough audit can reveal this. If this is true by results and findings, then how and what next should you do in this situation? The very best option is what is known as “Link Cleanup”. Link cleanup has to do with a total re-evaluation of all the links on your website (both internal and external links) and ideally flushing off the bad ones. Leaving behind the clean/relevant ones on your platform. This goes a long way not only to sweeten the deal for you as the site owner, but also boosts your sites health. Thence winning back your site’s repute, search engine visibility as well as ranking. Below are two core advantages of site link cleanup and how it can immensely benefit you.


Improved Rankings

Web ranking is more like a “thug of war”,everyone competes to fights and win in one way or the other. Every website on the World Wide Web is obliged to participate and must have a ranking. If you are opportune to have a website or blog or web portal but have failed to know yours. Then better, use web analysis tools like Alexa, or Moz, or outsource for other related web analysis tools. With better and clean links, you will undoubtedly rank high on Google search results and hence, more online reputation and increased visibility.


Increased Search results

When sites are properly cleaned of bad and harmful links, such sites are liable to excel in search engine competition. The most important factor here is that your audience, as well as the prospects, would be able to find you right there wherever you are.


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