Since 1992, Shahrooz has been dominating the home furnishing market and built up a sustainable reputation through quality and craftsmanship.
They took over the cyberspace in the form of and continued to expand their reach across the entire globe, till recently when they encountered the Penguin hurdle.
Google Penguin update 3.0, launched in late 2014, caught many websites off guard by black listing these sites due to some inappropriate link building techniques and money keyword usages.
Sharooz approached us with the primary objective of recovering their website from the Penguin ban.

Project Brief

Shahrooz had these set of objectives when they initially approached us for solutions.

Recover the website from Penguin Ban.
Improve search ranking up to the 2nd page results of Google.
Improve traffic on the website.

Our Strategy

Our first matter at hand was to figure out if actually the website has been hit by Penguin or are there some other superficial reasons that have caused their rankings to drop.

Our proficient Analytics team started separating the analysis data strands right around the time of Penguin roll out.
Upon further investigation our team delved into the list of worst hit keywords that were once quite high ranking in themselves. This was clearly an intervention from the Penguin roll-out and therefore, our experts started identifying what caused the site to be banned.
Upon research, we had encountered a number of either bad links and or over optimized keywords that had triggered the Penguin algorithm to ban the site.

Our Implemented Method

Our SEO team quickly got into action trying to rectify each bad link there was and also requesting a green chit from the Webmaster. The sponsored keywords that were misleading or irrelevant were immediately removed and a new set of keywords were generated just for the site’s optimization.

Keywords Rank on 15th Nov. 2014 Rank on 15th Dec. 2014
acrylic sculptures 82 12
acrylic furniture 70 12
acrylic furniture manufacturers 35 4
custom acrylic furniture 50 10

Our Strategy

After recovering the site from Penguin fiasco, our experts quickly started generating relevant and informative contents in the forms of Guest Posts, Articles, PR, Infographics and SMO updates to increase the viewer ship and bring in more traffic.

Our Implemented Method

The traffic from USA has dynamically increased over in the past month (15th Oct – 15th Nov). Also, the bounce rate of the website has decreased citing to the efficient content publishings and optimized keywords.
In this instance we also monitored and compared the inflow of Organic traffic through out our optimizing process and within a month we saw the boost.


Therefore, within just over a month period we were able to achieve respectable results and eventually nailed our target within the given deadline. It is important to note that Every Search Engine is constantly evolving and upgrading its algorithms and there is no escaping that as long as you want to be a part of the SERP.

So, it is always advisable to monitor your website and its rankings and traffic flow as well as create and promote good, relevant content that follows the Google Webmaster’s guidelines.
Here at Search Eccentric, no problem is unsolvable and we always have a way of solving problems of any magnitude through ethical standards.