Personalized Art Printing

This report shows how our efforts transformed a website penalized by Google’s Penguin update to rank on SERP. It also contains the problems with the project along with our strategies that enhanced the organic traffic and traffic conversion rate.


  • This project was handed over to us when their website was penalized by Google’s Penguin Update, following which Google discarded the website and stopped ranking it on its SERP.
  • They wished to increase organic traffic and conversion rate of their website

Problem Areas

  • Ranking needed a boost and the keywords that were already listed on the SERP were to sustain and improve their position.
  • Organic traffic on the site was low and the bounce rate was high which needed to be reversed.
  • Low-quality Backlink issue due to which it was penalized by Google’s Algorithm need immediate redressal.

How we resolved the issue?

  • We followed Disavow to remove all the unnecessary Backlinks and fixed all the onsite errors.
  • Increased the density of keywords in the website’s content.
  • Involved in Off page activities to enhance organic traffic by posting Guest blogs on relevant websites. We also posted regular blogs on the site to engage users.
  • We enhanced the loading speed of the website to reduce the bounce rate.

Present Challenges

There is just one top position and to maintain it for generic keywords require regular and dedicated efforts.


Most of the keywords either rank on the top or the first page of SERP. Our efforts also enhanced the ranking of many low searched keywords as well.

KeywordCurrent RankingInitial Ranking
personal art prints25
personalized art prints616
name art prints812
personalized name framed art prints816
personalized prints923

In the past 3 months, we have decreased the bounce rate and after resolving the backlink problem, and brought the website on top of the SERP.

Traffic Overview

  • Sessions increased by 37.24%
  • New users increased by 37.81%
  • Page views increased by 47.36%
  • Reduced the bounce rate by 6.58%

Traffic Inflow