Client Background

SkySpring Nanomaterials is a certified supplier and manufacturer of nanopowders, nanoparticles, CNTs (carbon nanotubes), micron powders. They provide high quality nanoparticles, nanopowders and nanofibres in bulk order to industry group and small quantity for research purpose. They possess expertize in applications, properties and different manufacturing processes of advanced and engineered materials.


The Ssnano came to us with the following objectives:

  • Improve Search visibility
  • Ranking the main keywords on the first two pages of the Google results
  • Increase in organic traffic of the website


  • The first challenge was to create a strategy that encompass website updates and in-depth content plan
  • Next challenge was to identify the key audiences sector to target content execution and branding
  • We create custom business strategy for higher visibility

Strategies and Solutions

  • Our experts worked on both On-Page and Off-Page activities for higher ranking and attract traffic
  • Quality blogs were consistently created to improve SERP rankings
  • Articles and Guest posts were published on high quality website to increase inbound traffic
  • The website was technically structured with external links and sitemap to make their website crawl across popular search engines.


Most of their keywords started ranking on the first page of Google SERP. Keyword Current Ranking Initial Ranking
1. wo3 nanoparticles 01 03
2. ATO nanopowder 02 04
3. fe3o4 nanopowders 03 09
4. Antimony Tin Oxide nanoparticles 04 09
5. cu nanoparticles 04 07
6. ATO nanopowder application 05 11
7. mgo nanoparticles 10 27

There is increase in the overall traffic of the website with 4,721 sessions, 3,514 Users and 14,060 Page Views in the month of July.


The below graph shows increase in Organic Traffic with 1,802 sessions, 1,333 New Users in the month of July 2017.


In the below graph, you can see 1,754 increase in goal conversion and 37.15% goal conversion rate.


The Takeaway

Curve Jumps successfully ranked their main keywords on the first page of Google SERP. We increased their Traffic inflow and continuously monitored their website to stabilize their traffic and rankings.