36.6% Google Results Show Schema Rich Snippets, Still Just 0.3% Actually Use It

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Google is showing Schema supported rich snippets in as much as a third of its entire search results – says the recently published Searchmetrics study based on empirical findings. This singlehandedly pinpoints the preference of web pages using Schema structured data markup language in eyes (algorithm) of the search engine giant. Another remarkable thing suggested by the study was that just 0.3 per cent of all sites are actually using the Google approved Schema markup tool.

A look at Schema and Search Engines

For starters, Schema is a structured markup that enables the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing to interpret the content present on web pages. It must be noted that Google is increasingly making use of cards and rich snippets in its search results to show a user an idea about the site’s informational content.

schema-org-usageImage Source: searchengineland.com/schema-markup-shows-36-google-search-results-almost-websites-use-study-189707

These rich snippets have text, images or even links, since the basic idea is to psychologically compel a user to click and visit a web page that Google deems worthy. The world’s most popular search engine has consistently highlighted the importance of using Schema markup, and going by the latest study – it seems people are still coming to terms with the idea.

Expressing his opinion on the study, Marcus Tober, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and founder of Searchmetrics, was quoted as saying, “If you’ve seen search results pages with integrations for the average review or pricing information relating to product or restaurant related searches, then you know the type of rich snippet the Schema markups can help support.”

36.6% search results have rich snippets – Increased CTR

The study reports that as many as 36.6 per cent of all Google search results show Schema based rich snippets, such as product ratings, reviews, highlights about a ceratin event and other things of similar nature. Evidently, the snippet rich results attract more visitors and can significantly boost a site or page’s inbound traffic by compelling the searcher to click. Experts have opined that search results with rich snippets have the tendency to boost the Click Through Rate (CTR) when shown on the SERPs.

Reportedly, the conducted study analyzed Google US search results, so we can’t exactly extrapolate the findings on a global level. The local business search scenario is quite different in USA as compared to certain parts of the globe, especially Indian subcontinent. Searchmetrics considered thousands of keywords and over a five hundred thousand web domains in their study directed towards analyzing the significance of Schema markup language.

Marcus further said, “Schema gives online marketers a potential way of increasing traffic to their sites, but our study shows that few of them are currently making use of it to markup information about their pages that could be used to support rich snippets in search results. This could be due to a gap in technical knowledge about how to use Schema or just a time lag. But I expect more sites to start using Schema as they begin to notice how often search engines are using it to display rich snippets.”

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