5 Components Of A Successful Blog Post

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blogpostHave you ever wondered about the reason behind the success of a great blog? Are you surprised by the high rate of engagement attained by some blogs. The reason behind the same is the power of content drafted in a blog should be engaging and informative. These are strong steps to the ladder of a successful blog. The blog educates a reader and adds to the brand value. There are some basics that can be incorporated in  every blog post. Let’s dive in some obvious essentials that can help you create a killer blog post.


  1. Captivating titles to draw in readers
    The title should justify the subject readers are looking for. You should always know what your reader wants to read. You should try to create a headline or title that your reader would probably be looking for in Google search results, RSS Feeds or on their Social Media. A well researched title grabs the attention of a reader and excites him/her to click on the post. The chief aim is to build a desire for the reader to open the content.

  2. Add a power-packed content
    Apart from focusing on the title, the data should be original and appealing. A stategy must be maintained to make the content engaging and informative. You must add new ideas and personal experience into the most common topics. This not only makes the content unique, but, also knowledgeable. The text font and infographics are very important in order to captivate the reader to continue reading. It is impossible for someone to read several paragraphs without a pause. It is easier to read precise and relevant data with infographics.

  3. Choose keywords related to the content
    Keywords are the ‘words’ that buyers usually search for. You must make sure that your content contains long tail keywords. Using keywords which have been frequently searched for helps you optimize the Search Engine. Keywords should be strategically placed in the entire blog. It helps in raising your blog’s rank in a google search.

  4. Engage your audience through a powerful Introduction
    A powerful introduction compels readers to stay on the page. An introduction offers a gist of your post by giving them an insight to readers about it. A reader is likely to expect a powerful and interesting introduction. Your ability to deliver an excellent introduction can be helpful to attract the audience.

  5. Grab the attention with catchy sub-heading
    When the readers are going through the content they need to be navigated through a map of attractive subtitles. Going through the whole content might not  be on every reader’s mind, but, engaging sub-headings can attract the readers to read the whole blog. A sub-heading should give a glimpse of the subject you are writing about. This will indeed make the post interesting to read.

  6. Summarize with a strong conclusion
    A conclusion is something which gets omitted in most of the blogs. A powerful content should have a strong beginning, structure as well as a powerful conclusion. It summarizes the blog to run the reader through the facts. A conclusion also makes sure that nothing has been missed out in the blog. With a marketing tag on you, adding call to action is highly beneficial. An impactful conclusion always makes a space in reader’s mind.


There are rare blog posts which actually leaves an impact on the readers. With the help of these tactics and essential tips, your content will drive traffic and make its position in google search. If you want to know more about blog posts and content improvisation, you can contact us anytime.

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