5 Reasons You Should Let Your SEO Agency Handle The Content Writing Needs For Your Website

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Content seoIf you are in a dilemma between outsourcing the content writing part of your website or getting it all done in-house then let us help you in making the decision. Let us give you the pros and “not” cons of working with an SEO agency and outsource your content writing job to it.

Advantages of outsourcing content creation

#1. Save Money on multiple issues

When you outsource the job of content writing to a reputable marketing agency the you save money by not:

  • Providing benefits to full-time employees
  • Hiring interns or temporary workers for seasonal projects
  • Giving employees specialized training to your employees to complete certain projects.

By outsourcing your content marketing material like blog posts, newsletters, articles, case studies, whitepapers and others, you can be more flexible with your budget and you do not have to worry about your content marketing calendar.

#2. Time Saved on fast turnaround and multitasking

The best content writing agencies can deliver work on time and saves you a lot of effort at your end. Looking at the scenario of content calendar where the requirement of smaller projects like blogs and articles often take a week or less. You get the content on time, meeting your targets. Another benefit of outsourcing is that you get more time to focus on multiple projects and your in-house team is spared of the extra effort of content writing.

If you think of it this way, that if you and your in-house team were creating content pieces then how much time goes into research and then collecting data and images for the it, I think there’s not much left to say more that you are spared a hell lot of effort. Now you can direct your team’s efforts on creation and marketing of bigger projects of creating ebooks or whitepapers etc.

#3. Take Advantage of other’s expertise

Outsourcing allows you to take the advantage of experience, knowledge and the ability of the SEO firm which your in-house team might not have. Taking the advantage could be of many forms such as writing skills of the SEO firm or knowledge and experience in a particular subject. As is the case for many businesses, if you don’t write well, don’t understand SEO or blogging, or don’t know much about your industry, then hiring a content writing SEO service is a good idea for you. That way, blog posts will be well written, better optimized for search engines, effective at generating quality leads or traffic, and a competitive playing field with the competitors. Even though, the SEO firm will be writing on your behalf, this will show your expertise and thought leadership in the eyes of your audience.

#4. Note letting your employees feel burn out

Researching and content creation with new ideas can drive your employees away from new business ideas, other tasks and products. When you require them to be more enthusiastic about their job and write more passionate content, that energy is not available at the time.

By outsourcing some or all of the content projects, you can let your employees focus on more important projects and keep that enthusiasm running. At the same time the writing agency’s writers who are into this field for many years and some may have full time job of writing content will inject passion and enthusiasm in your content as is required.

#5. Your investment pays off

By outsourcing your content needs it becomes your SEO agency’s job to create valuable and informative content in order to help you get get more traffic, more engaged readers, and more leads.

High quality firms that can even come for cheap like iwriter.com and many more employ professional writers who knows how to:

  • Optimize content to get more traffic to your website from search queries
  • Write engaging, compelling content
  • Use calls-to-action and other techniques with each content to convert visitors to leads

If your in-house team does not have the skills needed according to your content marketing strategy to deliver, outsourcing to an article or blog writing service helps you get more bang for every penny spent from your pocket.

If You are still not convinced…

Benefits of outsourcing your content needs are endless, but they are still to be felt by you. If you need more valid reasons to move forward with outsourcing your content needs to an SEO agency then let us know what you think by providing your comments.

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