Analytics and benchmarking for tracking the success of a Social Media Campaign

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Google Penguin 2.0 has got live, importance of social media has increased, content has literally become the king and what not. In light of all these, are you performing well enough to pace up with excessively changing SEO trends? You must be aware that the most vividly apparent SEO trick for this year is Social Media Marketing. It has become predominantly imperative for improving a website’s online performance.
Is your Social Media Marketing Campaign producing results? Well the answer is simple, if your website revenue has increased that means your campaign is doing well and you are getting high ROI. But as a digital marketer you must know that there is a considerable time gap between campaign launch and revenue generation. In simple word, revenues don’t get generated instantly. So, if you want to check the success rate of your campaign then don’t simply wait for revenue reports. Add some new tools into your tool box and track the success of your social SEO efforts. Using analytics software, like that of Google, you can make some real time tracking about the growth of your social media campaign such as:
• The growth in your organic traffic
• The keywords that attracting visitors
• Percentage of visitors are from social media sites
• Conversion rate?
• Bounce rate?
• Visitors purchasing your products and lots more
All these things can be tracked using Google Analytics. You can set your goals and conversions, and can step-by-step track the improvement in the performance of your campaign.
For successful digital marketing, tracking the organic traffic or rankings is not just enough but you also need to run a social media campaign, track and benchmark different aspects of it. Tracking and Benchmarking are fundamental for your Social SEO campaign. As you know social media has become an integral part of SEO. Tracking every aspect of a social media campaign has become more important for accessing data from various sources. Listed below are some of the custom reports and dashboards that you can set up in your Google Analytics profiles to track different aspects of your marketing efforts
Social Media Benchmarking
This will help you to keep an eye and track the growth rate of social media campaign, such as
• Facebook friends and likes
• New LinkedIn Connections
• Google Plus +1′s and no. of circles added

• No. of Twitter followers and retweets
• Growth in Pinterest followers

visitsTo benchmark these components, you can set up a social dashboard for each of the projects you are handling. In the dashboard you can watch the social media campaign growth for each project. These dash board reports are easy to evaluate as well.
Keyword Tracking
In the year 2013, observing the keyword rank is not given much weightage, but all the time it’s not true. Keyword ranking can be really effective in giving deeper insights into the results of your social media marketing campaign. Tracking the keywords is also beneficial in tracking the long tail terms that you find in the Google Webmaster account and Google analytics.


For instance your targeted keyword is “Blue Widgets” but Google creates a semantic keyword “Blue Tickets.” It may happen that this semantic keyword is also bringing organic visitors to your site. Using your Google analytics and ranking benchmarks for these keywords, you can check all those keywords that you are not purposefully targeting but performing well for your website.
Tracking and Benchmarking Link Growth
When you take up a social media campaign, most likely your amount of links are to increase. But just having a back link is not enough; one wrong link can make your website guilty of panda and penguin. Penalty can be a considerable drop in your search engine ranking. So, it is important to have not just a back link but to have a quality back link, which can be done through tracking link growth and its benchmarking.
With new penguin and panda updates the need of tracking link growth has become much more important. Black hat SEO is getting rampant over the cyberspace so the penalties over it are getting stricter. This has enhanced the need of tracking the inbound links of a site. Benchmarking the inbound links and running new reports every month can help you in keeping eye on the quality of your links.

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