5 Tips of Effective PR Writing

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Press releases can do wonders to your SEO campaign. Let me take this opportunity to also state that we can very well take care of your press release campaigns. Check out our services page.

We have excellent writers here who do understand press releases better than most of the writers in the industry. I caught Mitali, our own PR expert, during one of her rare breaks and shot a few questions. Here are the excerpts…

Q: How to make PR work the magic we expect from it?

Mitali: Frankly, I don’t think PRs can work wonders until you have a solid matter. See, we had a great Christmas party can’t be a PR. Yes people make it a PR but it doesn’t add any value to your campaign. Also, Matt (Cutts) has pointed out that soon Google will start discarding these rubbish PRs. So, in short, meaningful and worthy news if shared on proper platforms can help your PR campaigns, otherwise not.

Effective PR Writing. Image Courtesy: theatrepeople.com.au

Effective PR Writing. Image Courtesy: theatrepeople.com.au

Q: How do you proceed to a PR creation personally?

Mitali: First I read about the news and tell whether it can make a PR or not. If yes, I ask for as many details from the clients and then publish. The SEO team here is good and they know how to promote the PR. Also it is important to submit PR to a site which is trusted. A rule of thumb is, don’t publish to the sites who will publish without a quality check.

PR specialist

Mitali, during one of her rare breaks from her busy schedule

Q: What will you tell the aspiring writers after spending half a decade in this industry?

Mitali: I have 5 suggestions.

  • Do not sound biased towards the company you are representing. Write from a third person’s view. It makes the PR sound official.
  • Do not add too much ‘filler’ content. A short and direct PR is better than a lengthy one where the diamond is lost among the coals.
  • Do not write like you are writing a lengthy advertisement.
  • Like I said earlier, please make sure the news you have is really worthy of being a PR.
  • Try to quote reliable sources as a corroboration of your reports and facts.

Remember, press releases are news article with the only difference being it is written by an insider. So while writing it, please think how the newspaper reports are written. And oh yes, before I forget, do not use first or second person in your composition. Effective PR writing is an art which must be learnt with precision, dedication and over the years.

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