In 2013 Public Relation is the raising SEO mantra

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As the year 2013 has come up, so the SEO experts are all getting geared up to roll with the punches, they are finding out innovative ways of doing SEO.  As SEO undergoes continuous changes from time to time, so it is very much required for the experts to keep the overall process of SEO very much innovative and new, and one such innovative move is to integrate public relation with SEO. Till 2012, distribution of press releases used to be one prime way to do search engine optimization. However, with google’s recent update crappy PRs are no more of any use for building SEO. I personally opine that in 2013 public relation is going to be the preferred full form of PR and not press release. As we all know that the emphasis over high quality and unique content is getting more and more strong, so it is to an extent clear that public relation can do more good as Public relation focuses on what is newsworthy and unique.

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Moreover, both SEO and public relation almost have similar objectives that is to drive engagement, inform the public and build  mutually benefiting relationships between provider and consumer. Experts from Public Relation Society Of America (PRSA) says  “The future of SEO is not in the technology, it’s in the ability to tell stories that readers and Google will find interesting, and that’s Public Relation”.

Public relations can be a good way of enhancing SEO as it can rightly focus on the newsworthy element or can craft a great story that can successfully find editorial opportunities. PR  is the art of building relationships and the present SEO needs that because this helps in link building. Moreover, the links built through PR are extremely quality links and getting those is possible only when a company earns a good media placement. Moreover, even 200 such quality PR links are more rewarding than twenty thousand low quality links. Hence, SEO experts must try with public relation skills to build strong referral links for the websites.

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