8 Secret Tips to Boost Your SEO with Smart Content

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Content valueIn regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content is, without question, one of the most important tools to have at your disposal. However, due to the fact that SEO is constantly changing and evolving, having fantastic copy content for your site is now more important than ever before, as it could quite literally be the difference between success and failure. If you feel your SEO content could be lacking, here are eight tips that are guaranteed to change that in no time.


Create quality content

On top of all of the above, another sure-fire way of improving your SEO content is to ensure that you set out to create engaging and quality content, instead of content that is just there to include keywords and phrases. If your content is good, not only are your readers likely to read on, they are also likely to want to come back again and again as well.


Make use of images

Images are also very important when it comes to SEO content, yet again, they are often overlooked and ignored. An image not only helps to break up text and make articles easier to read, but an image can also help to serve as a form of advertisement and can help to say things much easier than words and text. Not only that, but thanks to sites such as Pinterest, with pinned images, you could help drive even more traffic to your site.


Write for your target audience

This should be a no-brainer but many companies will pile out generic content as quickly as possible, that doesn’t actually appeal to their target audience at all. If, for example, you are targeting those in the health and fitness community, make sure you use words, phrases, and content that is indeed relevant to health and fitness.


Create catchy headlines

Headlines are what will grab your reader’s attention and draw them in to make them want to read more. For this reason, take just that little bit longer to come up with catchy and impressive looking headlines that will grab the attention of your readers. If you can get keywords into your headlines, then great, but if not, don’t worry about it.


Don’t focus on keyword density

Not a good idea to target only keywords

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Sure, in the initial stages, SEO copy content was very much all about keyword density and targeting, and whilst keyword targeting is still hugely powerful, keyword density is not. A lot of the time, copywriters will sacrifice content quality just to cram keywords and phrases into their content to try to achieve what they believe is the correct keyword density, when in reality, this is just not necessary. Sure, get your keywords into your content, but don’t think that the more you use them, the further up the search rankings you will go.


Make sure your posts are structured

Believe it or not, but one of the most common mistakes made by copywriters, is failing to structure their posts so that they’re clear and concise. Instead of one huge wall of text, use sub-headings, bullet points, and white space to make your content easier to read.


Try to promote link-building

Link building nowadays is very different to how it was in the days of link farms and link buying, and as a result, it is more relevant and powerful now than ever before. By including links in your post, you can ensure that there are natural links leading back to your website if other sites pick up your content.


Make use of social media

When you publish new content on your blog/website, make sure that you also post it on your social media pages as well. Not only will it be visible by all of your friends/followers, which could help drive traffic to your site, it can also be shared and liked by people who aren’t your current followers/friends/likes etc.

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