A Humble list of the Different types of Content Penalties that can blindside your SEO Campaign

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You cannot get a better ranking in the search engine if you have duplicate content in your search engine. Now a days many so called SEO specialist and webmasters are trying to create hundreds and thousands of pages of the same substance with a trust that they can trap Google and other web crawler into getting a better ranking. But Google’s algorithm is better in class than we consider and Google can without a lot of a stretch catch the duplicates substance of the site.


Google has stated over and over that having copied content will never at any point help you to get better ranking in search engine result page. Google has officially changed his algorithm a few times before and will keep on adjusting its algorithm in future to maintain a strategic distance from such sort of strategy.


Mirrored Sites:

There are several reasons why Google and other search engine like Google highly dislike duplicate content, the primary reason is the aforementioned attempts to trick the system into higher rankings and trying to prevent online competitors from copying every other content which is openly accessible over the web. The online world wants to say a big no the copied content. All the time the user wants to see new and useful substance and Google is also aware of that, which is the reason Google is astoundingly mindful while showing his search results


Simply take a sample that you have mirrored site, that implies you have totally two sites and them to have precisely same substance and structure, then there is an enormous chance that Google will consider an index one of the site or they might incline toward not to index any of them. On the other hand, surprisingly more terrible, Google will punish both the site and ban them from SERP result about completely for a lifetime.


Remove duplicate content to avoid penalties:

If you are bound to have a mirrored site, just redirect one domain to the other domain in domain level. In addition to that you can also use a 301 redirect for all those web pages are available and still linked to each others within the redirect domain.

Then Google will be aware you are not trying to make to tweak to get a better search results which will lead to avoid from conceivable penalties you can bring about for having a reflected.

The most ideal approach to dodge the Google penalties is by removing the duplicate content and fixing them by rewriting content in a most unique, original and useful way which will encourage your visitor to peruse your substance. As you know content plays a big role in search engine optimization, this will start to demonstrate the outcome by increasing your ranking in a search engine result page.

As web page count is going higher and higher over the internet, so duplicate content is a common problem nowadays, but the interesting thing is it can be fixed very easily. The user wants to see unique, relevant, original and useful content, that’s why Google is trying to show them same thing in an effective way as accurately as possible. So it is brilliant to take after the same approach while making content for your site.


Use Canonical Tag:

If you can’t delete a duplicate content from your website due to any reason, then there is way available, you can use that to avoid potential search penalty. To prevent search engine to index the web page on which you have duplicate content, you need to use the canonical tag on that particular web page.


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