How an SEO campaign should ideally kickoff

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SEO is the most common word or catchphrase among-st all the website owners and digital marketers. When it comes to getting better ranking in search engine result page there is one and only search engine you need to think of and that is Google. This is because most of the people prefer to use Google than other search engine, if you will believe the research data, then the market share of Google is near by 80 to 85% in search industry.

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Again, most of the so-called SEO specialist knows very little about SEO. Only but a few really knows how SEO works in order to meet the long term business objective. You and I knows that SEO is not at all a one time job, it is all about consistently trying to build an authority website over the internet. Most likely you can’t rank your targeted keywords overnight, yet taking after these couple of tips and traps will help you to show signs of improvement results.


Keyword Analysis:

The first thing you have to do is a keywords research before starting an SEO campaign, there is so many great tools available online which can be used to find relevant keywords to your business. You have to look after monthly search traffic of the keywords along with competition, it is always smart to choose a good mixture of competitive terms. The Google search box is really a great tool to find out new keywords, even you can find new keywords in Google keyword tool along with their monthly search.

Once you have decided the keywords, then that must be in your webpage title and description. You must put your targeted keywords in the first part, so when Google will show your content in its search result page, your keywords will get bolder.

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Competitor Analysis:

The second most important thing is analyzing the competitor, and learning from their SEO campaign. You can look at a competitor’s website and get an idea about the keywords interest to them, from which website they are getting back links and many more things. In the process of doing this, you will find new keywords which will help you to grow your online presence


Make Sure Your Content is Unique and Relevant:

The next important thing for every SEO project is Content. You should and must create unique and useful content keeping your potential customer in mind. In the process of optimizing the website you must put your keywords in your title tag, headings and web copy. Try to make bold the keywords in the content and create outbound links to the relevant website and use the keywords in the anchor text of the link


Quality Back link Helps Ranking:

If you want to create an authority website then you can’t ignore back-links as because Google is still considering back-links as a ranking factor.  Forum posting, Guest posting, Article Marketing, and Directory Submissions and many more ways available to get those valuable back links. Make it your second nature and create good content for your website so that other webmaster will love to link their website to yours, which will help you to rank better in Google search results.


Follow SEO guideline:

Last but not least, you have to put all the SEO elements properly. Always try to use unique title tags, URLs, and Meta descriptions, as because Google dislikes duplicate content. Make sure that there are no broken links available, check the misplaced robots.txt files and faulty redirects. All the above tips will help your SEO campaign to kick up


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