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Do you remember how we felt awkward when around 2 years ago, Google said, they will not provide us with the keyword data if the user is logged in Google. They said, they want to provide privacy to the users and also they want to stop eavesdropping. Tell me of that now when they are actively cooperating with the NSA to give out every single piece of data.

Then they removed the Chrome Omnibox (the address bar of Google Chrome which also doubles up as Google search bar) data from us. That was in this year. And now they are taking away every bot of keyword data from the SEO world. With keyword data gone, you cant even know if your targeted keywords are bringing any traffic to your site or not. You will optimize blindly.

We wonder why the shift was so sudden. What triggered this change? Frankly, the percentage of “Not Provided” keywords increased over the years with Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome, all encrypting the search terms. And not all users were logged into the Google either.

Not Provided Count shared a graph showing how the percentage of encrypted search or “keyword not provided” searches increased over the years. Although it has increased over the years, but you can see the almost vertical spike in this image telling how badly the and suddenly the change has been introduced by Google. Note the shift is from 4th September. This data is created after scanning over 60 websites.

Not-Provided-Count-Charting-the-rise-of-not-provided-in-Google-Analytics-1-600x324 Although Google loyalists like Danny Sullivan might point out the most absurd reasons in his article, but the truth is pretty much visible. This has been done to increase the sales of ads. Goggle obviously is here to make money and the more people go for advertisements, more they earn. That is why, believe it or not, the ad click data have not been taken off. If you have a Google account and you are a publisher, just go to the Google Webmaster Tools and there you can get all the keyword data you need. You can get all the report you need for last 3 months and soon Google plans to make it available for one year.

Thus, its one more move where Google is going to be earning more. We will not be surprised if Google starts sharing the keyword data when you use the Google Analytics premium version.

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