Know What Google Does to All the Hidden Texts

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Talking about the ways in which merchants used to manage their site, they used to include a lot of hidden text so that they can get greater rankings in search engines. However, this method has been started being treated as spam lately. Moreover, major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have even started to ban all such sites that use white or hidden texts to push up their keywords.

Google Does Hidden TextsThe basic idea of using hidden texts was to make a user click on those words unknowingly, and therefore redirecting them to a certain page that would speak about the site and their services. This was widely used to enhance the ranking of a site, based on visitors and user clicks. Though such activities contribute towards delivering a great user experience, these are more used for nefarious purposes. It is not wise to place a certain piece of white text on the page, and make users click on the same for the purpose of increasing your keyword results. This concept is now being termed as keyword stuffing, and is highly disapproved by Google.

If you visit any service page, you would find a number of options that would provoke users to click on the same. Some examples can be “click here for more information”, “show manufacturer’s details”, “show reviews”, and many more. Apart from all such texts, any clickable links that are hidden and are yet placed on the page are not given a positive preference by the major search engines. Hence, the site merchants should clog using all such strategies, and adopt healthy ways to position their sites on the top search results. There might be times when your site is pushed back in the search results. In such times you must check for any hidden links and words that might be placed on your site.

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