Google +1 Benefits and Drawback SEO Point of view

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Google has launched new features to beat the Face book like button. The + 1 feature is additional feature of Google where user can rate the website and also give recommendations to the website. But In such a short period of time Facebook has won itself numerous fans and huge global popularity.



Now Google will update and show +1 buttons next to all search results and ads. All +1’s will work with public profile as well as with the Google profiles. The objective of this new +1 Button is to restore the user’s data and personalized searched results for recommending the ads and result on the basis of searched result. Google come with this substitute for the Face book like buttons.

Benefits of +1 Button of Google: –It is not always possible for all the experiments to succeed like Google wave, Google Buzz etc. But the feature of Google plus one button may be successful as users can propose any website with the help of a button.  Organic search result will be affected if someone is logged in on his Google account; it will work like a social networking tool for Google search results.

Drawbacks of Google plus one Button: – The new features of Google always have one happy side and one sad side to it. Google plus button can reduce the value of the website if the users are logged in on Gmail accounts and it can also affect SERP ranking. It is expected that these personalized annotations will help websites by showing users where search results are recommended and personally relevant for them.

Major Difference between Face book like and Google plus 1 Button- Many of Google users are thinking that Google launched plus one button against the Facebook like button. But Facebook like button not only shows on Facebook wall but it also shows on the website’s from where users can like the Facebook page and also comment on them .  Whereas Google is a leading search engine putting the social media flavor in search result which users can add and recommend for the websites in the format of Plus one button.

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