Google Chrome Secretly Introduced Do Not Track(DNT)

In Google Update

Google Chrome has a new feature and there is hardly any advertisement from Google about it. In fact, it has been hidden as deep as possible so it stays safe from the eyes of a normal user. The feature I am talking about is DO NOT TRACK and if it is enabled, Google will not track you. Coming from Google, that’s a new as

1.       Google sets cookies set to expire in 2038

2.       Google openly declares that they track users to place better ads

3.       Other vague and mysterious reasons.

Anyway, it is better late than never and something is always better than nothing.  Let me first show you how to activate this feature.

1.       Make sure your Chrome is up to date

2.       Open wrench menu and go to settings.

3.       In the search box, type ‘track’ and tick the last option which comes up. (Check the Picture below)

4.       Google will come up with a statutory warning (call it a last frantic effort to stop you from activating DO NOT TRACK) but go ahead and use it.


Do Not Track, Google Chrome ©

That’s it , you are  done!

But the point is, DNT (Do Not Track) has two phases, first one is browser based and the other one is website and app based. There are many websites who set cookies in your PC (without any permission or notice which is completely wrong and unethical) and track every darned thing you are doing online. The second step would be to make it compulsory for websites to ask permission before setting any cookie. Presently there are a few Firefox addons which can stop websites from setting cookies but the responsibility must be shifted to the shoulders of the websites.

Let ITU, FCC, ICANN and other governing bodies be strict about this and make web a safer place to be.

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