Google+ Gets a Step Ahead with its Improved “Slider” Feature

In Google Update

Google+ introduces a new feature called “Slider” to provide its users a more customized control over what they see and share in the social Network. This newly introduced feature is triggered with three facilities: Notification, Send mail option and mute Notification. This feature is the upgraded version of the last year launched “volume sliders”, which allowed the users to tune their posts in the main stream. Austin Chang from Google delivers an official post stating:

“Last year we launched volume “sliders” to help you tune the posts in your main stream, and since then we’ve extended this feature across Google+. Today we’re excited to roll out three related improvements that give you even more control over what you read and share”.

The “Notification” facility is more or less like the one in Facebook. Here also, the user will get notifications whenever, any friend of his circle will make a new post; it will appear on the main screen.

Google+ second improvement is a new feature, and it offers “Also send email” option”, which has amalgamated the social networking forum with the email feature. This improvement allows the user to email their post to their selective friends or relatives. It often happens that for certain news feeds like wedding engagement, job confirmation etc, the user feels that a particular friend or a section of friends must read the post and it shouldn’t be missed by them. A notification may get missed, but with “Also send email”, user can confirm the visibility of his post. This option allows him to email the post to his selective friends directly from the social network, cutting short the need of separately signing into Gmail for email shooting.

The third improvement provides users the facility to mute the notification. With this facility Google plus has taken care of the fact that sometimes a user may not be interested in seeing all the notifications of a particular friend or friends for whatsoever reason. Hence, for the convenience of the users and not to irritate them with not so interested notifications, Google plus has provided the option of muting the notification of selected friends.

With this improved slider Google+ aims to generate a more user friendly social networking platform for their users, where they can share their experiences and moments with an increased control over their posts.

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