Google’s “Save Search Setting” lifts search preferences from Browser to Account Level

In Google Update

The search engine king Google has further modified its searching technique by introducing new “save search setting”. This new feature allows users to save their search preferences over multiple browsers or computers, just by logging into their Google account. This has taken user’s control over search preferences from browser level to account level.

Earlier, the search preferences used to get saved at a browser level that too in a particular system only. If the user tends to change the browser, say from Firefox to Chrome, he again has to re-type his search preferences again, as his earlier preferences got saved on the browser only. Further, even if the user uses the same browser but changes the computers, for instance he uses chrome in his laptop, and then in his desktop or mobile, then also he has to re-type the complete preferences in spite of the fact that he is using the same browser. Thus earlier, search preferences were not supported by multiple computers or browsers.

Overcoming this limitation, Google has introduced its modified search engine with advance “save search setting”. This modification lifts the users from the trouble of retyping their search preferences again and again when their computer or browser changes. With its new “Save Search Setting”, Google is providing the facility of saving the search preferences at account level; for this user has to log into his Google account. To avail this facility the user must have a Google account, and he must get saved search settings through the following steps:

  • Click the Sign in button in the top right-hand corner of the search results page to sign in to the Google Account new window.
  • Click the gear icon gear icon in the top right corner of any search results page.
  • Select Search settings. (You can also visit the page directly at
  • Customize search settings.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save search settings to the account.

After undertaking these steps, the user will easily be able to retrieve his search preferences irrespective of which browser or whose computer he is using.

This modification will allow the users to enjoy a more customized way of using the search engine. Just like one can access his email from any browser or any system just by logging into the mail account, similarly in case of Google search engine also, now onwards the user will be able to get his search preferences over multiple browsers and computers.

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