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One of the biggest challenge for the Google and users also that how they can use “Google +” and how this new social networking experiment will succeed. Your online identity is not only is this that what you post it is also that what others are posting about you through Google social media layers and Google +.

Google + have some great feature which you can use with the 5 new features.

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Google Circle- Google circle is one of the feature of Google + where we can create circle according to your preference. You can categorized the friend list according to your need like “Friend’s in one Crew” “Family in one crew” and best thing is you can use this feature as “Drag and Drop” facility”.

Google+ Instant Uploading Tool


Hangout- Hangout is another feature of Google + where all the peoples meeting you first time they can join you here. One of the best things here we can use of Gmail profile for video chat option and we can know that what others are working out here.

Instant Upload – Instant upload is one of great feature where you can share your photos and video automatically from your phone and if you want to share with photo or videos with the Specific friends or family members you can use “Circle” Tab.  Great feature of new Google +.

“Sparks” Of Google – Sparks worked as searched and saved the relevant web content with easy ways to share with your friends. It sounds same like a social custom Google News or Google Alert. Get Sparks to find stuff you like or love and share them with your circle of friends.

Huddle-Huddle is just like worked as twitter and group of text you can say in easy words. A super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles. It’s like a group chat where we can know what all other friends are buzzing out.

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