More Google Hummingbird To Come

In Google Update

Google Hummingbird is here with only one objective, to improve the organic results by Google. If you are using cheap black hat SEO techniques, good luck with your business. This update is aimed to remove all such results from Google’s SERP.

Google HummingbirdFrankly, if you are here to fool Google, it is a very difficult task. Why not reap the benefits by staying within the prescribed limit with Google. Leaving that for your consideration, let me point out a few effects of Hummingbird on Google SERP and SEO practices.

Hummingbird will have an effect on almost every SEO practices and that is not as bad as it may sound. Google is just trying to present better and relevant results. Those who know the game better than others can get his websites rank better than others, that is under previous circumstances. That is exactly what Google is trying to change. Google wants to rank those sites better who really present better information and doesn’t excel in SEO tricks alone. Just to give you an idea how big this update is, Hummingbird will have effect on 90% of the searches.

There is one more important part of this update, Google is removing the organic part from the analytics. This means, you cant anymore see which keywords people are using to come to your site. This has been done so that people stop running after keyword optimization and this has been a great step.

It may sound a bit too harsh on the SEO industry but you must remember, Google is not here to please the SEO managers but the searchers. If they don’t do that, other search engines are very eager to have a share of Google and Google surely cant let that happen. Google’s income doesn’t depend on the organic results for earning so they don’t care much here either.

Compared to Panda or Penguin, Google Hummingbird doesn’t differ much in its effect for the SEO industry. If you think this comparison is unjust, please think. Google Panda and Penguin also came with the sole objective of removing low grade search results from the search result pages.

Although Hummingbird is having its effects at a much larger scale, the basic idea is still the same. Google is being harsh to the people who try to exploit the system, not merely use it. They are becoming wiser every passing day and we expect more Hummingbirds to hit the market soon.

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