Google Penguin 2 and We: An Afterthought

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Penguin 2.0 came awhile ago and we have seen the results. Many website loitered into oblivion while some of the sites gained glad rankings. Let us analyse what actually happened, why it happened and the key take always.

We Love The Penguin As Much As He Does. source: Matt Cutt's blog We Love The Penguin As Much As He Does. source: Matt Cutt’s blog

  • Frankly, I am a bit disappointed with the amount of change I saw. With so much of hype (for example, Google & Matt Cutts’ announcements) there was little effect. I am handling a SEO company and we monitor a few thousand keywords on daily basis. We didn’t notice the tsunamic effect we were anticipating.

  • Again, thousands of innocent casualties. Although Google claims they can manually repair these, the affected sites will need time to get back previous ranking. This is not desirable at all.

  • For me, Penguin 2.0 is just an enhanced version of Penguin 1.0. There was nothing completely new.

  • I ‘feel’ the advancement on Penguin 2.0 is to go deeper in backlink analysis and judge the quality of backlinks better than any other site.

  • Monetary keywords and its increased competition led to some dubious activities and probably invited Penguin 2.0

  • high quality backlinks are probably the only key to recover from this update, along with quick dirt cleaning(read, link removal).

  • There is no new link strategy which was targeted by the Penguin 2.0.

  • Google has yet again failed to note paid links, in my opinion.

 What should we expect from Google?

  • They are not going to roll-back any updates. Thus the effects are here to stay. This is as per my best belief and I have no hard fact to prove it. What I think is, to rectify a mistake of any previous release, Google might issue minor updates but surely not roll back any update.

  • What is Grey Hat today is Black hat tomorrow. This is the biggest point which you must understand. Take for example, the article posting. There was nothing wrong it initially. Then they started to misuse the the opportunity and finally spammed the web using poor, crappy articles. This trend has now started with guest posting and I can foresee another Google update 2 years down the line when Google will negatively mark all the guest posts. This thing must be understood by all the SEO professionals. Until then, they are doomed every time there is any update from Google.

  • Google Webmaster guidelines are becoming Google’s bible for good ranking, They are closest to sticking the rules and regulations they stated there. With each update, Google has only one undercover aim, to reinforce the guidelines they have laid down in the Webmaster’s guide as strictly as possible. They will pursue this tirelessly till they achieve this aim. In other words, Google is not done yet as it is not perfectly implemented yet. Thus, more Panda, Penguin (and other various animals if Google prefer) are yet to come.

To survive the wraths of these scary creatures, you must continuously and arduously search for and adhere to the best practices. Do not engage in any such activities which can become punishable in near future. Trust me, Google is way sharper than you think it is.

In case your site was hit as well and you are clueless about the course of action now, leave it to the Penguin Recovery Service specialists immediately.

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