Survey Report: Companies Who Use Social Media Do SEO Better

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Successful SEO campaigns are differentiated from not so successful SEO campaigns not by much. In fact, the unsuccessful SEO campaigns have often done 99% of what the successful SEO has done. It is the remaining 1% which makes all the differeence. Today, we shall magnify one component of that 1% and that is, if you do not optimise and align your SEO strategies with your SMO strategies, you are probably heading for a downfall. At least that is what the findings of Ascend2 suggest.
Using a sample size of 600 business and professionals, Ascend2 has found out that 15% think their SEO campaign is very successful and 18% finds it completely unsuccessful. Although the data is small but the implications might not be. Look at these points for example


  • 38% of “very successful” companies actually integrate and use social media most actively.
  • 50% of “completely unsuccessful” companies do not use social media at all. Only 2% of them use social media sincerely.
  • The above data also mean, one fourth of all the respondants arent integrating social media in their SEO campaign.
  • Exactly half of the respondants said unique and valuable content is the best weapon for SEO while one-fifth respondants said external link building is the most effective.
  • Half of the resppondants found getting great backlinks to be most difficult job in SEO.
  • Lack of finance or talented workers was pointed by half of the respondants to be the greatest SEO challenge.


Ascend2-findings thanks to:ascend2

Ascend2-findings thanks to:ascend2

Find the complete Ascend survey result here, its free.

What do you think now? So many times we spoke of how important it is to use your social media earnestly, we even dedicated complete blogs to encourage that. If those failed to motivate you to be active with your SNS profiles, probably these data will do.

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