How has the methods of Digital Marketing changed in 2015

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“I grew up in a physical world, and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social.” Angela Ahrendts

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We now know how customer-centric strategies matter the most in all digital campaigns. When content marketing can generate large dollars for your business, both directly and indirectly, you better know you are riding on a tiger that is racing faster than we perceive. Capable of driving voluminous traffic to your website,  intelligently executed content marketing strategy can help you elevate your authority and inspire incredible brand value in your audience. As Brian Clark, Founder of CopyBlogger would say, ” Content marketing creates authority, which prompts people to choose from other solutions that might cost less. People are paying to make sure the problem is solved, or the desire is fulfilled“.

When mobile users overtook the computer users in internet activities, it became clear that the digital world will be ruled by more visual content than the textual ones. More than 70% of professional marketers use visual assets and blogging while implementing their social media marketing.

common form of ocial media content

As a matter of fact, 77% of B2B marketers use blogs to make their campaigns effective and penetrating. Trend analysts estimate the numbers to go higher soon. Not that the textual content is bad or redundant, it’s utility and value is as secure as the Centenary diamond. Nevertheless, visual content has emerged as the most used and viewed content in recent years. Graphics, animated slides, powerpoint presentation, videos, there is a big fertile world of visual content that content marketers have found to suit their purposes perfectly.


How can marketing professionals gain from this interesting shift of attention towards content creation and content marketing? Whether you have a wedding planning company or some real estate agency, content marketing can have noticeable and measurable impact on your promotion and overall business. Besides, it’s fun too; making your websites attractive through SEO was a “once-upon-a-time” ritual. Make your websites climb higher ranks this time by implementing a well-timed and intelligent content marketing strategy.


Paying attention to social media marketing

96% of digital marketing professionals use social media to meet their respective business requirements. With 92% users acknowledging the use and value of social media in marketing their businesses, we can understand that social media offers a high return on investment for your campaigns.

You can promote your blogs, videos and other graphics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and get a very large domain of audience value your presence. Maintaining online presence is essential to every business, and it certainly helps in terms of generating leads, driving traffic to your website and rendering a worldwide promotion. You get all these unbelievable features at a cost that you can always pay.


Now that technology has blurred the division between the physical and digital worlds, social media introduces you to a cosmos of the enormously omnipotent audience. Well-planned and appropriately executed content strategy can make a big difference in bring your clients (as well as prospects) to your digital existence. Add your active social media profile URLs to your website, emails, business cards and you will see the difference yourself.


Online Engagement Optimization is the better SEO

Beyond debates, we can say that by, and large, SEO tactics have taken back steps in the last few years. More so after Penguin and Panda updates, SEO practitioners have realized that SEO is effective only up to a certain limit. User activity has increased dramatically on social networking sites. Analyzing the crowd behavior and in general psychology can help marketers formulate an actionable plan to draw more audience and thus customers to the business. Social media offers a wide open platform for finding potential customers.

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Using scalable metrics to measure the social properties, you can understand the preference of users better. No more spending great sums on conducting surveys, get all the answers on leading social networking sites. While you can know about customer’s choices and what makes him/her choose a product, you can also use the opportunity by displaying your products in the right context.


Paid Advertising Usage

Regardless of whether your engagement is B2B or B2C, social media can propel your promotional efforts. Traditional print and other offline promotion have taken a backseat, now is the age where Search engine marketing considers promoting your posts and ads online.

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Extensively using SEO and SEM techniques to build an unparalleled brand value, businesses aim to get a cost-effective solution and no longer rely just on the product’s intrinsic value. Apart from adding value and network reach, the highly impressing ad formats create a long-lasting impact on every viewer.

Having a well-defined, documented and tested content marketing strategy is critical to your campaigns. While there is never a guaranteed result, the high customer engagement value and the everlasting impact that content marketing can create is unmatched. With content writers, delivering quality rich and engaging content, your marketing investments will yield you greater returns in terms of brand awareness, trust-building, sales, and revenue.

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