How link building helps in driving your website to the top of all popular search engines?

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The Search Engine Optimization has taken the world of marketing by a storm, it has now become an indispensible if not the most important part of creating a good and aggressive marketing campaign for the companies to advertise their product globally and it does not require huge and extensive investments to mention the least and the growth of SEO company in India is a testimony to it. There are various aspects that play a very significant role in creating the visibility of the websites in all the top search engine portals, therefore it is utmost importance that one gives the due care and time on it. There are major aspects of search engine optimization but none is more important than Link Building and before we discuss it, it is vital that we must understand how search engine functions. In brief, there is a perception that whenever a key word is type in any of the search engine portals, that portal goes through every websites to find out the desired information, but this is not the case at all. In reality, let us assume that we type the word “ Web Optimization”  in MSN, what the search engine does is pick the word Web optimization as in this case, and tries to find the website that is available in its database, it does not run through every website.

Link building has turned out to be the most important tool in creating more traffic for your website, but with time it has changed a lot and a detailed analysis of link building is a mandate for the website optimization. One of the oldest forms of link building like Reciprocal link is no longer effective as the search engines have kept changing the methods of optimization very frequently. The concept of Reciprocal link was very simple as it used to include the links to the link page of a different website and when the link was clicked on the website it automatically brought the user to the company’s website. This resulted in too many links in the websites and now the algorithm or ‘formulas’ in a lay man’s language, of the search engine  considers it as a spam site, so the reciprocal link building does no longer exist. Similar to the reciprocal link building the Buying Text Link is also no longer in frame, though, once it was considered to be a very popular tool of search engine optimization. Likewise, other link building like organic links has failed to stand with the ever changing marketing strategies.

It is suggested that a company be it small or big must keep patience and faith as search engine optimization is a long term process. The key to the program is to understand the basics and realize the importance of the content of the website, short list the keywords and phrases that can draw more readers and potential customers to your website, keep in mind that Meta tags are not as effective as it is made out to be, design your websites according to the search engine’s preference and do not forget the Title Tags as they play a major role in websites optimization.

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