Difference between SEO and Viral Marketing

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The world has certainly become a small place with the advancement of technology in every aspect of life; it has benefitted the multinational companies as well as the small companies. In fact, the best use has been made by the small companies. It was not long when the companies had to invest heavily on marketing their products, both through the electronic and print media; it was really a very exorbitant deal for them. With the internet coming a full circle, it has given a new lease of life to the corporate world as now they can advertise the products through the internet, since online chat and e-mails have become a common mode of communication, now most of us are hooked to social networking sites. When it comes to internet marketing the two most popular ways of marketing the products are Search Engine Optimization and the Viral Marketing, both of these have taken the marketing to a new level. The two modes of marketing are interrelated and different to each other at the same time.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly called helps in the websites optimization of the company as it utilizes the various methods to create more traffic or to bring a high rank for the website in all the major Search Engine portals whereas, the role of Viral Marketing starts where the work of SEO finishes, it helps the company to aggressively market their products on a global platform without much investment and that too in a very short span of time and have resulted in creating many SEO Companies in India. Both SEO and Viral Marketing are indispensible to each other because each of them has the target and a role to play in creating a very lethal and invincible marketing campaign, one just cannot do the job without the other and this is why the combination is in such huge demand and popular among all the small companies as well as the Multinational Companies. Viral Marketing helps the companies to reach a wider audience and to a larger spectrum across the globe and it assists in bringing new clients and creates more potential customers very conveniently. One way link building for the websites draws more eyes and all the marketing strategies are automated. The marketing strategies and methods are not rocket science and can be easily developed to get in sync with the other marketing campaigns.

The intrinsic worth of Search Engine Optimization cannot be over looked at all as it does the primary job of increasing the visibility of the websites in all the major search engine portals. With this, it gives the company the chance to stay in the reckoning for a longer period of time and turns out to be an ultimate winner by providing significant returns. It is unfair to compare the two processes as both of them are highly essential and effective for a successful marketing campaign.

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