How to Use Twitter to Pull Your SEO Campaigns

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Twitter is good platform to expand your business

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How can your SEO campaign exploit Twitter to get better results every passing minute? Twitter has around 320 million active users,  make this number count with a strategically placed SEO campaign.

Here are some easy and effective tricks that can boost up the chance of boosting your online presence:

Optimize Your Social Profile

If you want long term search-ability, then optimizing your profile is one of the best ways of doing this. Keeping your username and handle constant across all of your social channels along with the name of your website and brand maximizes your chances of being found. One should not use numbers within the usernames lest it might seem spam. Within the Twitter settings it is easy to change your username, so choose a username that is appealing and at the same time, sounds genuine.

Provide Introduction

Create the bio well, use minimum characters that are allowed to tell the message that it is about and what tweets your followers supposed to understand from your profile, be simple and to the point. Emphasize the main and the most important feature of your ability and don’t forget to advertise in an attractive or a catchy way.

Set Your Profile Photo

Customize the filename of the uploaded photograph and then implement related keywords with keyword research and analysis, separated by dashes, to make them viewable and easily readable, before updating or uploading the profile photo on your profile. You cannot say that SEO factors can create a lot of big impacts but it is the part of the recipe of SEO, and if it is correctly optimized then there will be a stronger synergy effect.

The Perfect Use of Keywords

Constant communication is necessary, and it should include the keywords that are related to the topic and are used on the website.

What is a meaningful keyword?

Also, one should not forget that the function of the keywords for Twitter can also be played by hash tags since hash tags can also assist you in finding the content that you are looking for more easily, and they improve the search-ability as well.

It is best to write your most important keywords with the hashtags, by doing this each of the tweet done by you will show up in the search of Twitter for a particular topic. Apart from this one should not use hashtags for simple and single updates as it may make them spam. For a single tweet, it is optimal to use three hashtags, and you can add them up at the end of the link.

Add Link to Your Website

The best thing to do and the strongest call to action is adding the link to your official website, consider where you want to send the Twitter users and which page would be the most appropriate. Although, by the SEO standards, the main page of the company is the most important as a lot of power belongs to it. If you have a limited campaign or any temporary situation you can also link to an exceptional landing page, but always make it clear that your website has a back link to the twitter.

Retweets for Doubling the Followers

For expanding the tweets, the best way is retweeting the tweets. The things that are not liked on Facebook can be presented for the retweet, and you will not be punished for doing this within your new posts, so don’t hesitate to share and let others also share it. Write shorter updates and make room for retweets.

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