Innovative Digital Marketing Tips that we just can’t ignore in 2017

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With the rise of new technologies and advancement of social media, things are suppose to get hard for Digital marketers. With every passing day, trends are changing, people are growing more time sensitive, they need quick responses, convenient business methods and specific content according to their requirement.

screenshot-from-2016-11-04-222701With the approaching end to the year, there will be a shift in technological trends and change in old methods of Digital marketing.

Now, before you plan your Digital marketing strategies, keep these things in mind for your benefit.

Don’t limit yourself to Google and SEO for business

Google is one most productive tool for business,but don’t limit yourselves only to it. Find new business methods, target the social media platforms.

Most of the apps like Instagram, Snapchat have introduced paid advertising, availing endless scope of advertising of product on these platforms.

Last year,there was a significant increase on the no of e-commerce platforms on Instagram, operating through Instagram,Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger for business.

Make your Customer feedback and service process, less complex

As a customer, the major turn off is when it comes to cancelling the order or contacting the customer support for any query. Well there are helpline no’s and E-mail id’s, but frankly speaking, with the availability of Whatsapp, Facebook messenger no one likes to sit down and phrase a mail to seek the simplest information or call on helpline no to suffer numerous call transfers.

Think about it and use the social media or messaging tools for your own benefit.

Use fun, animated videos to market your product

Good,product specific content is one way to advertise your product, but use of interactive,funny,animated product related videos can create wonders.

Keeping in mind, human brain can retain more data from visual content rather than written content. As a human we often tend to go for products which are easy to use and understand, so using videos you can make your consumer more aware of your product.

Refer to some ads on for reference

Let consumer market your Brand, satisfy even your worst customer

Use the testimonials provided by your happiest consumer to market your product.

Speaking in terms of psychologically, people prefer buying product referred to them  by their close friends, relatives and other trusted sources.

So, if your customer is annoying or lovely, make sure you satisfy them to the best of your capability with your services, safeguarding every possible chance to get reffered.

Take reference from Microsoft’s  #MakeItHappen campaign.

Target your audience based on their interest on Pinterest

Pinterest is an social media platform where you can target your audience on the basis of their interest,there are different groups on pinterest based on individual choices, and in last couple of years Pinterest has emerged to be a great marketing tool.

So,based on your product,find the relative group and post your content with attractive images to get audience.

Utilise the PPC (Pay-per-click)

With the introduction of pay per click by Google Adwords, the advertising of product has become more easy. If you have a product on which you want instant response, refer to PPC.

Using PPC you can target people with specific ads, using emails and phone numbers.

You can direct ads or content, that exactly answers a need or want, to a targeted individual person.

Before planning your latest Digital Marketing strategies for the upcoming year, make sure you keep this things in mind

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