2 Benefits of AMP that Entrepreneurs Can Leverage

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Google introduced AMP projects to improve the web experience for mobile users. Facebook has Instant Articles for loading new stories in apps at a faster speed while Apple has Apple News app. SImilarly, Google AMP has more do with meeting up the changing demands on mobile web by creating user friendly mobile web rather than developing it’s own app. This can be one of the major reasons behind AMP debuting with other technology partners such as Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Parsley and Chartbeat.

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Definitely , you can find ton of ideas in AMP plus cutting down the loading time is a major bonus. According to the results it is working well.
AMP was basically introduced as

  • People are leveraging mobile devices more than before
  • They were abandoning many websites because of slow loading speed.

According to Digital Future Focus report upto 394% are smartphone users, 1,721% are tablet users which together accounts that 60% of the times are spent on digital media. It become important for Google to make user experience better on mobile web.


AMP is not a business partnership like Apple News or Instant Articles, as it focuses more on changing way of web building, eliminating few technologies and advantaging many which includes business owners. Let’s see few of them.



The advantages of business owners by utilizing Google AMP are many irrespective of the size.

According to statistics 40% of consumers leaves your page if you don’t have a fast loading speed. This gets really problematic for business owners who are marketing through mobile avenues. Even business owners who are not operating through mobile can also reap more benefits by increasing their audience.


Your faster loading rate is directly proportional to reducing bounce rate. The more you focus on increasing your loading speed through Google AMP, less are the chances of your visitor hitting the back button. There is a win win situation for business owners through Google AMP as


  • Faster accessing means more people accessing your page
  • More pages are viewed per session
  • Consumer sharing your pages across various social media platforms.


You can even get the details about working of page ads and specific things that can be done being a publisher. Business owners can have complete control over following areas:

  • Placements of ads
  • Support for various formats
  • Increasing viewers measurements

Nearly twenty different ad-tech vendors are on broad with Google’s AMPs combed with OutBrain and AOL. The aim of Google when it comes to content advertising is secure, appealing and fast lightning.

Google has created a unique vision for mobile web experience. Business owners and customers can reap many benefits through making use of AMP project. Google has created a productive experience by better user engagement with faster loading speed.

If the current scenario remains the same, there are more chances that effective and better development will be rolled out by Google in future. In short, AMP has changed the entire landscape of mobile web.


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