Micro Moments: Creating A Buzz In Mobile Marketing

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Mobile MarketingThe transformation of online communication has created a vacuum for advanced, efficient and promising ways to send across  the brand message.


Currently, the world is moving towards a definite mobile oriented world. Marketing through mobile has become a  prime focus of every modern marketer.


There have been a lot of new trends which show the usage of mobile internet has surpassed the desktop usage in the last few years.


Social media has evolved to a much greater extent. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are becoming part of our lives by and large. Brands have already started using social media as a major platform to find their potential customers.


How marketing on mobile has outperformed the web marketing


“Change is not just likely, it’s inevitable”


The world is changing at a rapid pace in terms of transition and development. If a modern marketer keeps a track of the upcoming digital trends, he can relate to the fact that Mobile is the promising future of marketing.  


When it comes to mobile marketing, digital experts are more focused on convincing the mobile users to use their brands. Since, Social Media has become a one-stop solution for finding potential customers, brands are creating and sharing mobile-friendly content with the huge audience through their devices.


Mobile marketing is all about posting relevant brand ads on mobile apps. Almost every brand is using major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter not just to drive traffic to their landing pages but, also to actually improve the conversion rates.


Everything you need to know about trending Micro Moments

Micro moments are changing the face of modern marketing. With the rise of mobile marketing, digital experts are working hard to meet the needs of their customer instantly.


Micro moment is a type of content that focuses on providing the instant solution to any kind of problem of the customer.


Micro moments can be further sub categorized into 4 types as listed below:


I-Want-to-Know Moments

At present, people turn to their mobile phones if they want to learn about something they saw on TV or anywhere else. These moments provide instant information about a particular thing that a user is looking for on his device.


I-Want-to-Go Moments

With the increase in “near me” search in the past year, local business has been boosted dramatically and today, people are more likely to choose those brands that can provide their local business in a moment.


I-Want-to-Do Moments

There are millions of “How To” content on the web today. The same trend has been in vogue in mobile marketing. Youtube has contributed a lot in the development of this type of content and the credit for the same goes to modern marketers, users can now just turn to their device in order to get things done instantly.


I-Want-to-Buy Moments

The game of online shopping has changed in the past few years. Today, a brand cannot expect customers to approach them in order to make the right purchase. In order to achieve better conversion rates, brands need to be on user’s mobile with the right information and a button that says “buy now”


In order to stay in the game of marketing, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital experts need to work with the latest trends. Mobile has become an essential part of our life with a great potential to serve users’ purpose. These micro moments are very important and they are about to stay in the future of mobile marketing. Get in touch with us to know more about mobile app marketing and the process behind it to bring visible results in your conversion rates.


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