Negative Reviews Generating Positive Responses – A Reality

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Negative Reviews Generating Positive Responses

Client satisfaction is every business’s first and foremost priority.The revenues a business generates depends upon how satisfied your client is, and if you manage to fulfill and exceed your customer’s satisfaction. And in this world of ever evolving rapid speeds of communication, it won’t take too long for the news to spread about what a wonderful job you have done, thus generating new leads for your business.

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Why Negative advertising But what happens on the off-chance if your client is unhappy? Dissatisfied with your work? Chances are, he will be annoyed and waiting to vent it out, to the more people he can reach out to,he more cathartic release he will get. And we’re all only too aware of the potentially damaging effects of negative advertising on the internet.

A place where you can be negative – But how do we combat this task? We can’t very well monitor every social networking site like facebook or twitter all the time, neither do we have access to blogs and other restricted access places where they might vent out their frustration. The simple solution is to give them a place where they can vent out their frustration. If you have a facebook page, or a place on your site where they can voice their disapproval,chances are that the majority of people will  tell you how a particular service of yours did not match their expectations on those pages, since dissatisfied customers not only want the public to know about their experience, but the company as well.

And if you approach their negative feedback in a positive manner and take steps to rectify the issue, your other customers, both loyal and new will have a chance to see that you take a genuine interest in their issues, and you pave the way to virtually create new fans. Hence, letting clients be negative is quite a positive thing after all!

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