New Google Penguin 3 update roll out when?

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The next Penguin release has lot of expectations, especially those webmasters who had been sweating while cleansing their spammy link profiles. Imagine their number across the globe.

The upcoming Google Penguin update is probably the most awaited algorithmic update from the doors of the search engine giant, since it is more likely to help previously-hit sites in their recovery. Nothing can be said with certainty, and that pretty much sums up the entire premise behind the anticipation. We could do nothing but speculate!

The signs of new Penguin roll out are all out there, visible to the interested eyes. I’m not sure about the gravity of this situation, but something definitely is creepy.

The MozCast has been vacillating up and forth over the last and current week, and it would be interesting to see if there is a Penguin roll out this month.

Let’s refresh our memory with the wicked Penguin history

Upon its release way back in 2012, the Google Penguin update wreaked havoc to the lives of many webmasters with its merciless action on link profiles with spammy backlinks on direct exact match money keywords.

Since then webmasters had no option but to content themselves with non-existent search engine positions and arduous link detoxifying programs.

The cycle goes something like this –

Link Removal Phase 1 > Link Removal Phase 2 > Link Removal Phase 3 > Disavow

Disavow > Link Removal Phase 1 > Link Removal Phase 2 > Link Removal Phase 3

& so on and on..

And if there was some time and energy left, the webmasters paid attention to link building campaigns and understanding content marketing strategies.

The yet-to-be launched Google Penguin update could become a savior to webmasters who had been travelling the relentless pursuit towards a clean link profile following the dwindling light of getting back their previous rankings.

It has been reported that Google engineers are testing the next Penguin update for quite some time now, which reflects that we may not be too far ahead from the official Penguin roll out. Google confirms only after releasing the update, and we might need to see and monitor what happens and when.

The Google Penguins (update 3) are coming!

The Penguins are coming - Penguin 3 Update- Search Eccentric

(The Penguins are coming!

As an avid search enthusiast, I like to keep myself updated with the latest happenings and rumors around algorithmic updates. From my favorite search behavior tracking tools, I can fairly deduce that something is coming. The Google Webmaster Forum is the place to be at right now, if you are an internet marketer imho.

The extraordinary chatter in the search forums can go wild, but the intent is clear – everybody is excited about the new Penguin 3 update. It remains to be seen what cards Google will be playing this time, but the webmasters will surely stay on toes. That’s a fact!

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