New Google Penguin 3.0 update: What to expect?

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Google is believed to be working on the rollout of the new Penguin 3.0 update, and most webmasters are increasingly exploring the areas that could be witness strike. The last Penguin update was in October 2013, which was more of a database upgrade and not an algorithmic change. The upcoming Penguin version 3.0 is the most talked about subject in the search engine marketing industry, and in continuation of our last week’s blog on Penguin 3.0 update rollout, this time we will explore the possibilities of what is coming and what might not.

The Penguins are coming, but bringing what exactly?

Penguin version 3 has many pro and anti supporters. Some believe that it could bring back rankings of websites that were hit by the previous updates, provided the webmasters had cleaned their spammy money keyword anchor text dominant backlink profiles. The other group feels that the soon-to-be rolled out Penguin 3.0 will bring more site penalties and disorder in the community. I’m skeptical towards both the groups and am actually hold the opinion that the new update will be a mix of both above mentioned ideas.

The Good SEOs will prosper and Bad SEOs will perish!

It remains to be seen what cards Google will be playing this time, but predicting everything precisely isn’t possible. There are going to be substantial changes with the arrival of next Penguin update and sites with clean link profile should be spared, provided they aren’t engaging in any malicious black hat SEO practice.

Google Penguin 3.0 update: Good SEOs

  • Sites with natural backlink structure

Having a natural backlink structure is the strongest trust signal you can ever give to Google. Believe me there’s no better way. If your link profile is clean, no Penguins can ever chase you.

  • Links cleaned up to the surface

Webmasters with cleaned up link structures are likely to receive a boost in their rankings. Those who sincerely worked on their backlink detox could see positive actions from the upcoming Penguin 3.0 update.

  • Content Readability matters

Content readability is one of the factors that matter when it comes to differentiating spam from real authentic content. Search Engine Watch has a great study on this topic. It may be down to certain arguments and disbelief, but something interesting to sit back and review.

Better readability score (The lower = better) means not spam.

  • Link velocity trends, anchor text density, link diversity – will continue to affect the next Penguin 3.0 as well

Just like the past Penguin 1.0 and 2.0 updates, link velocity trends, anchor text density and link diversity (image, text and PR links) will be considered. Any over optimization or manipulation will be penalized while natural profiles will be rewarded.

  • No-Follow and Do-Follow structure

Natural link profiles rock as Google algorithm loves them. Too many no-follow and do-follow links in your site’s backlink structure don’t go well with Google and hence, don’t expect any miracles in this regard.

This sums up the Good SEO section. Next week, we will come ready with Google Penguin 3.0 update: Bad SEOs section. Feel free to share your view through comments.

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