New opportunities for SEO in App-Marketing

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Have you ever wondered why among millions of apps, only a few have appealed the audience globally? Several mobile application softwares can be accessed and purchased at various app stores. Despite the availability of tons of apps, most of the apps struggle in vain to become a universal favorite. A major reason behind this is that the search engines do not rank app contents very accurately, and hence users simply don’t know about most of the available apps. No matter how good a particular app might be, you will not appreciate it’s worth until it comes into your notice.


Where are the chess pieces now?

Google has already implemented its decision to index android apps and as a result, more than 15% of Google searches on Android return deep links to apps through App indexing. The fast-pacing app industry is changing beyond compare providing the SEO methods a vast sky of opportunities. Mobile phones have already overtaken computers in terms of internet usage. Most of the websites are trying to create a mobile-friendly version to maximize their audience reach. App markets, however, are untouched so far. How can a digital marketing professional exploit this trend? How can you modify your existing practices to create a long-lasting impact on this market?

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As of now, app developers take help of social media sites or word of mouth marketing to create a buzz about an app. While social media posts and online advertising can help your app gain a certain amount of reputation and foster brand awareness among the customers, these methods are expensive and have very less certainty. Also, as we can verify, the landing pages of apps are not very content-oriented, so their scope and prospects are limited. Like a dark road lit only by fluctuating lamp posts, app market, as such, is more or less “invisible” to the end user. So while most of customers have installed apps for Facebook or Walmart, they struggle to find and use the less popular ones.


How can SEO rise in this competition?

SEOs have skyrocketed website rankings, more so in the last decade. With the emergence of this “app-culture”, SEOs will again be utilized to make apps more visible and rank higher. Of course the new task will require a new modelling of tactics, strategies, KPIs tools etc, yet the core concepts may still remain the same. To create an impressive brand-value and drive a greater level of user engagement, SEO techniques are must-use tools in app marketing.

Having app links, marketing professionals can drive huge traffic not just to the particular app but a broader spectrum of related apps. An app link takes your customer to the desired web page seamlessly and saves time, thereby helping the customer to click a particular ad or say, upgrade to some paid app. Such a seamless experience will help you build trust among your audience. In contexts of ecommerce, this is especially helpful because consumers no longer wish to browse the whole website. They prefer having a suitable app where they can find products that they can purchase within a fraction of time.







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