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Your virtual assistant Google Now that lives inside google search app and Android phones is now ready to get personal with you, even more than before. The new google Assistant is somewhat similar with the other interfaces of Google performs, but the USP of this is the conversational mode and accumulation of deep data.


Android Police have discovered a new feature in which Google Now will be asking about your preferences in order to deliver more accurate content.

They will be assisting you in two expressions- an audio-only and new cat app which is called Allo as per Google. In the apps you will be given simple answers with easy trappable links. In short, there has been a customization of Google assistant on different platforms. Let’s  grasp some more knowledge regarding this virtual Assistant:

Experimental Feature: Explore Interest

“Explore Interests” is an experimental feature which will show you six categories and the user can choose their area of interest like: TV, movies, musicians, Stock, People and Sports. Here is another good new that is you can get more specific information under these different categories. You can select your favourite musicians, favourite sports teams and so on and whenever there is any new updates in your interest area, it will be delivered through google Now Card. You don’t have to search for it again and again. So, theoretically all the content coming from your interest area will be delivered to you within a short period by eliminating the entire process of searching.


The Android Team notes that the new update can roll out slowly, which could be obvious considered as the new experimental feature that they have introduced. Getting an idea about what the user likes and dislikes will improve the machine learning capabilities and the search result will be boost up with your interest areas. According to one of the google spokesperson TechCrunch confirmed that they have nothing to say for now as the company is still working on this feature.



Voice Assistant

Google have the opportunity to improve the capabilities of machine learning with respect to the users like and dislike as the feature Google’s voice assistant is on the horizon. According to one of the article by TechCrunch Google is again processing the design elements before they roll it out any further.

Google can make computers do smart things. Google Virtual Assistant looks quite interesting and compelling. As we have seen in the past years that many big companies have launched the feature of personal assistant and then there is Google Now! Are you getting assisted with Google Now? Hurry Up!


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