4 Link Building Secrets That a Good SEO Agency Excels In

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A best SEO service can help you keep a tap on the pulse of this ever changing industry of search engine. It is established fact that marketers who are into consistent blogging will see more than 97% organic links that are generated to their sites. It is one of the way to generate inbound links and generate traffic to your site.

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If your company has guest blogging as the part of your strategy for content marketing, it will surely going to help you in building more and more links. This idea is something everyone is familiar with.

Here we are compiling list of secrets that a good SEO should excels in:

1. Offering Testimonials

You must have done business with vendors and companies that are relative to your industry. In most of the cases, they will naturally place a link without even asking in order to prove that the testimonial is not false.

Just in case your testimonial goes up without providing any link then you can ask them to give you a branded link to your site. This testimonials will help you to prove the authenticity of your site.


2. Create Backlinks From Your Reviews

You have a countless chances to score  reviews if you are offering a service or selling tangible products. Companies that are dealing with consumer packaged goods and products have hired bloggers who are assigned with the task of frequently writing and reviewing their services and products. There are few violation to the Webmaster guidelines which are:

  • Avoid direct soliciting a review to any link for exchange of product
  • Avoid paying bloggers for reviewing your product

Teaming up with some influencer is not easy but can surely leverage your marketing strategy. First try to engage influencers into an interview and then set a base for forging a good relationship before you start with the interview. These interviews will be shared by your audience and influencers who have participated in the it, which means more organic links for backing up your site.


3. Competitors Backlinks

There are many tools that you can employ for searching the source of your organic links in your competitor’s sites. If you will invest little bit of your time to scour their backlinks, you will opportunity to know about the sources and can choose the one fitting your niche.

After identifying the source of those links, you can try getting backlinks from same authority and also can grab the opportunity to get backlinks from other sites that your competitor might have missed. Tools you can put into use while analysing are:
Backlink Watch

Open Link Profiler


4. Take over Broken Links

One of the easiest ways to score links from an authority site is to help the site owner find broken links. This is best done when a blogger or website has a resource post that links to a variety of contributors or influencers on particular topics.

Broken Link Checker is one of the tool to find it. In case you uncover bad links, you need to reach out to the owner of the site and inform team about it. By offering blog posts or resources as an replacement for that you can build an organic link.

So these are the top 4 secrets that a good SEO Agency should follow for generating organic links. Always try to create backlinks from the review you have received from the users as they are valuable for the creating an impact. Keep a tap in the backlinks of your competitors and finally the most simplest way, always look for broken links for offering a replacement to it. Any good SEO will always make sure to keep these important points in mind when building links. Are you lagging behind in generating organic links? Try these methods.

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